4 Accidents Waiting to Happen at Home

If you are a brand new homeowner, newlywed couple, or a struggling student who just signed the lease on their small and crampy apartment, you may have not thought about the accidents that await for you in your new commode. While you probably only want to think of the positives right now, especially if you are in the honeymoon phase still, reality might kick in quicker than you expect. So why not prepare yourself a bit for the accidents that could be just around the corner? Read on for four common accidents that you can almost guarantee will happen, but also with ways to quickly fix them!

  1. Mug and Cup Marks on Your Table

This one will get you, especially when your guests refuse to use your coasters! You will want to purchase some petroleum jelly and have a cloth ready. First, you will want to put some petroleum jelly on all the mug rings and cup marks, and then leave it alone overnight until morning. Then scrub and wipe away the rings with your cloth!

  1. A Pulled Down Curtain Rail

Hopefully you missed your head on this one! First, clean the hole that you are needing to repair with a screwdriver. Then, purchase a new plugging filler that fits into the hole and push it in until fully filled. Then, taking a screw, screw halfway into the filler using your fingers and let it sit for about an hour. After an hour, unscrew with a screwdriver and screw your shower bracket back into the wall.

  1. Scratched Wooden Floors

You’re going to need a few things for this one! Make sure you have sandpaper, plastic putty knife, and a steel wool on hand, as well as wood filler, varnish, and mineral spirits. So for the lighter scratches, rub steel wool over them, and for the deeper scratches, use sandpaper. Remember to go along the grain of your wood! Then, use mineral spirits over the affected area and fill in the scratches with the wood filler using the putty knife. Sand the filler that you just laid down, and then finish it off with varnish!

  1. Peeling Off Wallpaper

Especially for those older houses, this will definitely happen! Dampen a sponge and softly press against the falling off edge. Then raise up the loosened part of the wallpaper with a knife and then squeeze wallpaper adhesive glue under the wallpaper, enough to cover it. Press down and allow it to dry for awhile, but then go over it with a paint roller and wipe of the excess glue.

While these four quick tips might cover you for awhile, there is plenty more that could happen! Want some other tips? Click here to check out more accidents that await, as well as how to fix them!

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