4 Simple Ways to Approach Home Renovation

When you live in certain parts of North America you could be more vulnerable to certain environmental threats than in other regions.  If you live along the coast, for example, you might find there is always a threat of high moisture levels. A little further inland, of course, the air is drier, which makes effects extreme hot and cold conditions.  In deserts, too, heat can cause spontaneous (or seemingly so) ignition of fire as well as flash flooding.

Knowledge of things like this can help to inform home owners how they should prepare for emergencies and disasters.  Of course, insurance is important as it will cover the cost of damages incurred during such emergencies but simply paying for repairs isn’t going to fix things. You have to do the work, obviously.

With that in mind, then, here are some flood and fire tips for protection, restoration, and Renovco renovation that should help you to recover from the damage and, more importantly, to perhaps help you prevent damage in the future.


In the event you suffer from a flood, you are obviously going to have to deal with water damage. So here are the things you need to do if you want to minimize those risks, at least until more help can arrive:

    • use mopping and blotting to reduce water volume
    • remove all tabletop items
    • wipe away all excess moisture from wood furniture
    • put wood blocks or aluminum foil under furniture legs to separate them from wet carpeting
    • remove colored rugs to minimize/avoid color bleeding
    • remove art objects (obviously, to retain their value)
    • collect all loose items from the floor


If you experience a fire, the contingency plan is very similar: you are going to want to make sure you can minimize. Obviously, this will involve stopping the fire from spreading but there is actually more to it:

    • try to move as little as possible to reduce the spread of ashes
    • walk on clean towels or old linens to walk on carpet and move across upholstery
    • empty the freezer and refrigerator (if you need to shut of electricity) to save your perishable food
    • clean and protect chrome fixtures with petroleum jelly
    • clean houseplants (a wet washcloth is fine)
    • tape at least two layers of cheesecloth over your air vents—it will help to filter out dirt, soot, and dust