4 Things to know before calling Plumber

We all wish few things in life; one is not to face police, doctor and lawyer. But I think there is one more man that we can’t survive without and that is a Plumber. Yeah, seriously. Think about that one day where you have to live without water at all, difficult right? What you do when your pipeline in the house get blocked or get punctured because of some reason that you don’t know, the next thing that click in your mind is to call plumber on immediate basis. But, wait. There are certain things to know before calling professional plumbers like Rooter-Man.

Here are the things to know

  • Your toilet is not a garbage bag

We all are aware with these things, but are we actually applying. Humans are really very lazy, they can’t even go outside just to throw garbage, and they flush it in a toilet. Well, that’s a very bad habit. Such habits can block your pipes and make you to live water less. So, improve your habits and it can help you to save money of calling a plumber.

  • Don’t give too much loads to fixtures

You should not put heavy weight products on fixtures. That means you should not put heavy shampoo, conditioners, bottles as it can make damage in it and can break it.

  • Do not play with joints

We all have such habit to play with joints of some equipment in bathroom while we are free. But, it happens to everyone that suddenly the joints get displaced and you don’t understand later on that how to fix it. So, avoid such things.

  • Always remove Disposal Plug

If you are gone connect to a dishwasher then first remove the plug without fail. And if there is no dishwasher then it is ok to not remove plug.