4 Tips When Using Storage Units Ohio for Moving

Ohio is a great place to live in and many families are settling in some of its magnificent cities including Mason, Salon, Hudson, Cincinnati, Wickliffe and Rocky Life. The state is also renowned for prestigious colleges, such as Oberlin listed by the U.S. News & World Report as the 3rd among the best universities in the country, Ohio State University, Denison, Kenyon College and Dayton University among others. It is no wonder then that many people are relocating here.

When moving to or within Ohio, you might need to use a self-storage facility in your city as a temporary solution. Moving is always stressful and expensive but if you find a convenient self-storage unit, the process becomes much easier.  According to SpareFoot, 9.5% of U.S households rent self-storage which highlights the growing importance of these facilities.  

How to Find Storage Units

There are some items that you might not need at your new home at the moment and if you don’t have enough time to organize a sale, self-storage facilities come in handy. Integrating self-storage in your move guarantees more convenience and affordability.

To find the most suitable storage units Ohio,look for an ideal location, compare the lease rates, read reviews about the storage facility, consider what you want to store, check their security and find a size that fits your needs.

What to Consider when Choosing a Storage Unit

Now that you have decided to use a storage unit when moving, here are some of the factors to consider:

  • What To Store And What Not To Store

There is a tendency by homeowners to throw away most of the items when moving. If you are using a self-storage unit, most of these items will find their way here, which means you will pay more for the space. If you are to rent storage space, make sure you only use it for those items that you can do without. For instance, if you are relocating in a hurry to another city within the state, you might not need your artwork for the time being.

  • Organize your Items

When moving, it is advisable to be organized to avoid mixing up items or losing them in transit. At a storage unit, this should also apply; make sure all items in storage are well labeled to enable easier access whenever you visit the space. In most cases, you will empty the storage unit gradually and labeling your belongings makes it more convenient to locate them.

  • Consider the Type of Storage

The items you are storing will guide you on the type of storage you require. For instance, antiques and artwork require a climate controlled environment. This means you have to look for climate-controlled or air conditioned storage units in Ohio. If you require vehicle storage, ask the manager if they offer such services. You can also find boat storage, RV storage, heated storage, drive-up access storage and other types of storage facilities to suit your unique needs.

  • Ask Questions

You should not only rely on the lease agreement because some issues might not be clear. Instead, ask the on-site manager about the security arrangements, access requirements, customer support, lease options, insurance requirements and any other issue that is not clear.

Self-storage when moving makes the process more convenient and affordable and you are assured your items are safe even when you have moved to another city in Ohio.