5 Things to check before buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Whenever we go shopping with our family, we desire to purchase the best products, and why not! We are paying good amount for them. And when we are going to purchase something for our house then we have to look at everything closely before purchasing them, so that we know they are safe for our children and pets. The same principle applies to buying a vacuum cleaner. It’s not any easy job; good consumers will check several sources, guides, and reviews before putting money down and should rely on only the best companies for purchasing it.  For more information read this blog about cheap vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner are one of the best innovative appliances of all the home improvement products for keeping a house or apartment clean.  Vacuums use air to suck all the dust and small particles from the floors, carpets, rugs, stairs, and furniture of a house.  There’s nothing quite like the vacuum cleaner and there is truly nothing that can replace it.

5 Things You Should Check Before Buying

  • 1) Don’t pay too much

There are some good models available in the market which offer good quality vacuum cleaners at very cheap rates.  Paying expensive prices for top of the line vacuum cleaners is not worth it because you’re only paying for brand name, aesthetic designs, and status.  Many families should not be paying for $1000-dollar vacuum cleaners when their realistic budget is $200 dollars.  In addition, there are several $200 dollar vacuums that are great at what they do and can even outperform the $1000-dollar vacuum cleaner.  Don’t buy one based on price alone.

  • 2) Performance

Perform research and due diligence and search for the performance capacity of the vacuum.  If you’re shopping at a local hardware store, ask a sales woman about the product and ask if the product is long lasting or not. Try it yourself on your floors of the store so you can feel the power first hand.  Test out the attachments, the hose, the dust bags, any the accessories to make sure they fit well and work well.  The performance of the vacuum is what you’re paying for, so you want to look at all factors before purchasing.

  • 3) Reviews

Reviews are a great place to check for the true identity of a vacuum cleaner.  Check the reviews online that are available on the manufacturer’s website or on the forums.  Also check the most famous retail websites like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy since they will have hundreds of people reviewing all of their products.  Also ask friends, family, or acquaintances in person who have recently bought vacuums and ask about their experience with the appliances.  Sometimes families will purchase defective products and they will leave a bad review.  Try to not look at single reviews, but overall trends and patterns in reviews.

  • 4) Check your Floors

What type of flooring do you have?  If you have carpets in your house then you should select upright vacuum cleaners to purchase because they are best at cleaning carpets.  If you have hardwooden floors, then you should select canister vacuum cleaners because they are best at cleaning hardwooden floors.  Do you have a special type of tile surface?  Look online specifically for vacuum cleaners that are excellent at cleaning the type of floors you have.

  • 5) Perform All Due Diligence

You should learn about the vacuum you’re eyeballing, and all comparable vacuums completely before buying it if this is your first time.  Start with the manufacturer’s website and learn about the dimensions and sizes of the vacuum to make sure it will fit in your storage closet.  Then check the numbers to make sure it’s powerful and can suck up all the dirt you want it to.  Also check the other numbers about the vacuum cleaner like the electrical cord length, and how big the vacuum front is.

View pictures to make sure you like the design and the way it looks.  View videos to see how it looks in action.  Finally, you should read all reviews carefully and find what people like and don’t like about it, so that you will know if it meets your expectations.

Lastly, go to a hardware store and test the machine.  Firsthand experience is necessary when making a big purchase for the home.  You would never purchase a car without test driving it, so you should also test use the vacuum cleaner.  How does it feel in your hand?  If it’s too heavy, or if you have trouble maneuvering the vacuum then it’s not for you.  If it’s weak or feels weird to hold then it’s not for you.  If you pick it up, and you finally realize you love vacuuming, then this is probably the one for you!