All You Need To Know About Roof Expansion Joints


When we were young, we used to learn about the metals expanding during summers basically due to heat and contracting during winters. This mainly happens because the internal structure of the metal is dependent on the temperature. As the temperature changes, the internal structure also changes. This causes expansion and contraction in the rods that are used to make the roof of the house.

What happens if the metals contract and expand continuously? When metals undergo contraction and expansion continuously, the metals become weak and vulnerable. So when there is an earthquake or some major movement like the renovation of the house and there is a lot of vibration experienced by the roof, the roof tends to fall down. So what is the solution to this?

How do roof expansion joints help?

Engineers today are highly talented and the science has progressed too. The civil engineers have come up with a design or an installation known as expansion joints. The expansion joints are mainly used for the roofs and sometimes for the base structure too.

What do they exactly do?

Roof expansion joints are known to absorb all the vibrations experienced by the joints of the roof. Also, there is continuous expansion and contraction. Roof expansion joints are meant to provide support to the normal joints of the roof. This ensures the strength of the roof and they also make sure roof is not damaged under any circumstances.

Roof expansion joints are not to be added externally after the house is built or renovated. The houses or buildings of earlier times, may not have roof expansion joints. If you feel that the roofs have become old and shaky, you can remove that roof and construct a new one. In the construction of a new roof, you can add roof expansion joints.

Qualities of the Joints

Roof expansion joints not only make the roofs strong but also absorb all the vibrations experienced by the base and the rods used to build the house. Roof expansion joints are available in the online market and then you can hire a company to fit them for you. If you wish to hire a firm then you can do that too. They will make a new roof along with roof expansion joints.