Stone veneer has the look of real stones and saves time, money, labor, and time. Stone veneer panels made of lightweight, strong polyurethane is the appropriate material for many projects in and around your business or home. You do not require any special tools or skills to perform the installation by yourself. You can do it if you have a level, a measuring tape, and basic tools for woodwork such as drills and saws.

Many people commit the error of thinking that installing stone veneer is something they cannot accomplish all by themselves. Do not dismiss such possibility because it can suddenly transform the appearance of your home both outside and inside.

Although it is true that the installation requires some special tools, you may already possess the competence to do the job yourself. As soon as you have the surface ready and prepared, installing brick veneer can really turn out to be a lot of fun. Certain jobs may be completed within a day or during weekends.

Installation of stone veneer can covert the ordinary into extraordinary results. A simple block wall may appear cold and stark, but it can transform into a naturally, warm, beautiful, landscape feature. With the availability of modern versions of manufactured stone, installation is simple and completely possible for the average do-it-yourself person.

If you are bothered that the manufactured stone may not look as good as the real stone, you need to have a rethink. Manufacturers are increasingly making more efforts in giving manufactured stones an authentic and similar look to ordinary stones.

You may need some special tools. Many do-it-yourself persons have a fairly descent selection of basic tools available. However, you will need a few uncommon tools to install your stone veneer.

You will specifically need a masonry blade for your saw. Many saws can cut through manufactured stone veneer so long as a masonry blade is attached to them. You might have to cut the panels into various shapes and sizes depending on where you are installing.
Also, you will need a trowel to help in spreading the mortar on the back of the stone. The third tool you will most likely purchase is a grout bag that will be used in applying grout between the sections.

Surface preparation is about the only aspect of the project that may seem like a lot of work. How realistic the veneer looks when you are through and how well it adheres to your surface largely depends on the quality of the surface. Remove any existing paint on the surface before you begin. The surface does not have to be smooth but it needs to be level. Before you begin to put up the veneer, you might need to add a thin coat of mortar. In some areas you might need to add a moisture barrier. You will need the support of a stone veneer supplier such as Shouldice Designer Stone in making this decision.

This project is a very rewarding work that immediately adds value and beauty to your home. It makes a plain looking surface wear a beautiful look.

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