Benefits Of Using Spray Foam Insulation In Your Home

Insulation is very important for any home to fend off those bitterly cold winters and keep the heat in. But having said that, insulation doesn’t come cheap, some even require specialized knowledge for installation. So, if you want to opt for an effective insulation that will keep your home safe from dust, moisture and cold, then Foam Insulation might be a good option for you.

Strong insulation

Foam as insulation works much better than any number of other insulating options. Upon spraying it expands and seals off all the nooks, corners and holes that would otherwise have been left uncovered. It has a resistance rating of R-6, the highest rank for insulation materials.Image result for Benefits Of Using Spray Foam Insulation In Your Home

Save energy

Energy costs are a big headache for almost everyone, what most people don’t realize is that good insulation can actually cut down energy bills considerably. Foam Insulation is very strong and has shown a decrease in energy consumption by as much as 50% in many households and businesses. Other insulation falls far behind in this regard with an average savings of about 30%.

Stops dampness and mold

Moisture can gain entry through even the smallest of cracks. No amount of paint or regular repair work can ensure that cracks won’t pop up at the most unlikeliest of places. Moisture and dampness can cause structural damage to your home, it will also lead to mold, fungus etc. When you insulate with spray foam, mold and moisture will never be a problem for you. Water cannot permeate through the foam, so it is completely water resistant. This type of insulation consists of a inert polymer that is completely inhospitable for mold and mildew.

Lasts a long time

Foam is non reactive, so nothing much can hurt it. Once you install it, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of insulation without the worry of re-insulating every couple of years. 20 years is average life span for spray foam.