Interrior Tips – HNH x House Home Improvement Blog Sat, 14 Apr 2018 12:12:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gold foil and gold mosaic tile of JINYUAN brand Wed, 10 Jan 2018 06:26:53 +0000 Now, the world is very popular with the gold mosaic from Jinyuanmosaic, because the mosaic of gold foil mosaic is very luxurious on the background wall.
In particular, Jin Yuan mosaic – as one of the top 10 mosaic brand, we have 20 years of experience in gold mosaic tile . we launched a special mosaic gold – it is cheap, can be used for water, never fade. It has been recognized by mosaic distributor in the word
Because Jin Yuan mosaic brand has been popular all over the world, people would like to know what is gold foil , and what is gold foil mosaic?

Gold foil is a thin piece made of gold hammered. Because the good ductility and plasticity of gold, one or two (31.25 g) pure gold can be hammered into gold foil with a thickness of 1/10000 millimeters and an area of 16.2 square meters. That is, 1g of gold can be made into a pure gold foil of about 0.5 square meters, with a thickness only 0.12 um.

The Standard Specification for gold foil is 9.33cm*9.33cm, and other commonly used specifications are 8cm*8cm, 10.9cm*10.9cm, 4.5cm*1.5cm, 2.75cm*2.75cm.
Gold foil is a traditional handicraft of Chinese nation. It was originated from the Eastern Jin Dynasty and developed in the Southern Dynasty in China. It is popular in Song Dynasty. Nanjing is the birthplace of gold foil. Nanjing gold foil has been nearly 1700 years ago. Now Nanjing is the largest gold foil production center in the world.

We can determine the true or false gold through the naked eye, we can put the foil to the light will appear green is really gold, and imitation gold foil to light is not green; secondly, it is much thinner than gold imitation gold foil, gold foil and imitation gold foil is really much thicker, finally. We can also use fire to test gold foil, imitation gold foil is the main raw material of copper, copper and copper oxide is generated by burning black, but the real gold does not change with fire

According to color, gold foil will be divided into white gold foil, rose gold foil, gold foil and so on. According to the composition of gold foil material, gold foil will be divided into real gold foil and imitation gold foil.
Finally, we confirm that engineers of JinYuanmosaic will create various mosaic for gold foil and be used to decorate our house so that to make our life more beautiful.


Tips for Packing and Moving Outdoor Furniture Mon, 18 Sep 2017 16:09:06 +0000

Outside furnishing is crucial to the majority of people, however, they can be rather expensive and by all meansare not essential products in our home. We quite delight in consuming our early morning coffee by the patio table or lazing on a daybed, getting lost in a book. A few of us enjoy it a lot so that we have the tendency to invest more time outdoors than in. That’s why people about to move tend to worry about how exactly are they going to pack and move all their precious outdoor belongings.

It isn’t really a complex job, however, understanding the best ways to load and move outside furnishing can assist preventing damage and effectively carrying it to your location.

Outside furnishings are mostly exposed to outside agents like rain or snow; therefore, they need regular maintenance to remain tidy and working correctly. Initially, completely clean and dry your outside furnishings prior to packaging. Get rid of all the cushioning from your patio table and chairs, and don’t forget to unhook your patio swings.

Ensure your cushions are entirely dry prior to loading them. Wrap them independently in plastic or bubble cover to keep any wetness out and location in a big moving box. When covering cushions, focus thoroughly on all the corners, being careful not to leave any openings. Label the packages appropriately and protect with moving tape.

After you load all the cushioned parts, you will need to dismantle your outside furnishings prior to loading it. Thoroughly get rid of all the table legs, chair arms, and so on, and independently cover them in moving blankets. Completely wrap each blanket with moving tape and thoroughly place them in the moving truck. Your moving company should have the ability to offer boxes that are big enough. Otherwise, thoroughly put the pieces in their blankets straight in the moving truck.

Remember that not all outdoor furnishings can be taken apart. In such cases, thoroughly cover the legs and arms of the furnishings with bubble wrap, and then cover the whole piece in a moving blanket. Completely protect the blanket with moving tape. The greatest threat to the furnishings throughout a relocation is being scratched or triggering damage to your other personal belongings. For that reason, placing your furniture is not something you wish to stint.

Some outside furnishings are created to be stacked and these designs might reduce the number of packaging products you will require. Examine your outside furnishings and make certain to purchase sufficient packaging product to properly protect all your belongings.

If you are working with expert movers, such ad Man and Van Christchurch,they willassist you with the relocation. Contact your movers with time so you can discuss your requirements.

Watch out for sharp corners. This is particularly true when moving outside furnishings made from metal. Although metal furnishings are strong and resilient, you should take safety measures when moving the products yourself. Such heavy furnishings needs to be appropriately raised, brought, and filled to prevent possible injury. Make sure to use close-toed shoes and bend from the knees, not the back.

Wicker outside furnishings is lighter and much easier to move, however, it needs a unique treatment to decrease the chances of possible damage. Prevent stacking wicker furnishings, specifically for extended periods. Stacking this kind of furnishings for extended durations can trigger it to swell and stick due to increased humidity. Be very aware with this if you are preparing to storagethis furnishings. Such products need environment regulated spaces. For maximum security, demand an environmentally managed truck for your relocation, specifically if you are moving long distance.

Packaging wicker furnishings is just like the rest. Secure all the legs and arms with bubble wrap and after that individually confine the pieces in a moving blanket.

Benefits Of Installing Window Blinds Thu, 31 Aug 2017 08:31:35 +0000 The windows in your house are added fixtures that complement the design of your room. No matter how fancy your window looks from the inside and outside they are essentially holes that give people a view of what’s inside. Keeping them wide open all the time can spell trouble for nosy and prying neighbors, which is why dressing your window is also an important decision you need to make. There are two common options to choose from: curtains and blinds, but which one to choose?

Image result for Benefits Of Installing Window Blinds

If you’re having a hard time deciding between the two options, here are great Benefits of a cheap window blind company to convince you that installing blinds is the right choice.

1. Simple And Practical

Blinds are very simple to install, use, and clean. You won’t need special poles and tie-backs when you get blinds and most of all you don’t have to pay large sums to get them cleaned, unlike curtains. Blinds are very user-friendly, especially for homeowners who don’t have the time to clean and maintain a thick and bulky curtain. After installation, your blinds are ready to use and all you need is a simple wipe down of dust once in awhile. Easy and quick!

2. Control Over Amount Of Sunlight

The moment you draw curtains a blast of natural light will hit you right in the face. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes that’s annoying. The Benefits of a cheap window blind company installing new blinds on your window is how much control you have over the amount of natural light to enter your home. Blinds are adjustable which means you don’t have to always let all the light flood into your room. On days you want the right balance of dark and light, your window blinds allow you to control all of that.

3. It’s Cheaper

Heavy curtains may look stylish and elegant, but they come with a huge price tag. Blinds on the other hand, are very affordable yet stylish, plus you can still get all the benefits of using a curtain without shelling out too much money. It’s the top choice of homeowners who value their savings.

4. More Styles, Patterns, and Colors to Choose From

There are so many different styles, patterns, and colors to choose from when you decide to install blinds at home. You can mix and match different styles according to the room you are installing them in. You even have the option of mini blinds, vertical blinds, and cordless blinds. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to maintain the aesthetics of the room without breaking their budget.

5. Better For Your Health

Both blinds and curtains tend to accumulate dust over time, but cleaning and maintain blinds are easier than curtains. For families with kids and adults who have asthma, blinds will not trigger attacks as often as curtains, especially if you do a quick dust wipe at least twice a week.

There are so many benefits of a cheap window blind company installing blinds at your home. Don’t sacrifice your health over privacy; look into getting blinds instead of curtains as window shades today.
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The Importance of Splashbacks Tue, 11 Jul 2017 12:04:20 +0000

Do you know what splashbacks are? Actually, this word is not really in the dictionary as this is probably just a term used by businesses. However, if you give this a deep thought, you will right away get what it means and yes, this is a kind of shield to the wall of your kitchen or your bathroom.

As you have noticed, I only mentioned areas where water is frequently used and we all know that though water is very useful, there are times when it can also cause damage. This can happen to your kitchen wall if you won’t install a kind of splashback.

There are now a lot of variations when it comes to splashback materials. Some of the most popular are glass, stones, and ceramics. However, among these top options, the majority of the homeowners prefer ceramics due to the fact that they are more affordable and at the same time, the options when it comes to designs and colors are almost endless.

Benefits of ceramic splashbacks:

  1. As you have probably known already, ceramic is kind of smooth and sleek. Thus it is quite easy to wipe off the dust. There is even no need to use any special kind of detergent like you can just use whatever detergent you have at home.
  2. If right now you are using other materials as your splashbacks and you want to change them to ceramics, the process will be easy. There will be no need to hire help like you can simply do it on your own.
  3. It will surely make a dramatic change in your kitchen. Not only that it will make it look better in a lot of ways, its value will also increase. Well, whatever changes you make on your property, it is given that its value will increase of course.
  4. And most of all, as what has mentioned above, the options when it comes to colors and designs are almost endless. It means you can easily play with the design and be creative. If you have checked online for inspirations, you can even closely copy what you prefer with a ceramic material.

Revecuisine is one of the suppliers of ceramic walls. You can check their website and see for yourself their attractive options that can surely make your kitchen look unique and elegant.

Aside from ceramic walls, they also provide kitchen and bathroom accessories thus check them out now!

]]> Follow the Below Steps to Create Fashion Statement Over Throw Pillow Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:49:49 +0000 Replacing pillows can often be an expensive exercise. Upgrading your existing pillows could be a better idea and much less costly! Creating a new pillow can help to freshen up your home and add some elegant touches as well. Best way to improve your designs is with the help of the right Vinyl Cutting machine. This type of machine has large variety of features and styles, which allow you to create extraordinary patterns and designs. Not only these pillows can add to the décor of your home, but also add to the value of your home as well.

part of interior with twigs and textile

How to cut heat transfer vinyl to design decorative accents for pillows

• Create a design that makes a fashion statement
• Design your project horizontally to the corresponding mirror image
• Change the material settings to the heat transfer vinyl
• Choose a smooth or flocked option on the machine
• Start the heat transfer with the design facing downwards
• Trim off the unwanted vinyl and the tidy up the design
• Turn the vinyl, so the back side faces upwards and align the fabric
• Place a thin towel over the design and apply heat with a hot iron
• Press hard with the iron for up to 40 to 60 seconds
• Let it cool down for 30 seconds and peel off the plastic
• Your new beautiful design is ready and you have a designer style pillow

After you have completed all the steps correctly, you will have brand new pillows to decorate your home. Your home will have a more fashionable feel to it, thus creating sense of up to date style and a touch of freshly created comfort. Should you require help with designs, or if you are in need of help as to how to use the machine correctly, you can always pop over to the website for helpful hints and tips, or to watch an easy to follow step-by-step instruction video. Our preferred Vinyl Cutting machine is very much user-friendly. This means, that you will have a great time working with it and creating beautiful designs in no time. Have a wonderful time playing with your new Vinyl Cutting machine!

Christmas Candles History Thu, 04 May 2017 05:48:37 +0000

The History of Christmas candles is connected with the Saturnalia celebration (a celebration of the Romans), in light of the fact that amid this celebration tall papers of wax were offered to Saturn (a heavenly attendant of God), as candles were respected to be typical of the light of Saturn. It is fascinating to note that the Romans welcomed each other amid the Saturnalia celebration with these tall papers of wax. The History of Christmas candles goes back to the sixteenth century.

Christmas is related with a considerable measure of traditions and in addition conventions, and each of the traditions has their own particular history to tell. Thus the Christmas candles have a background marked by their own.

With the spread of Christianity, the custom of putting candles adjacent to the window picked up individuals’ acknowledgment. The Irish individuals trusted that if a flame is put close to a window then the light rising up out of the flame would have the capacity to control the Christ Child who on the eve of Christmas meandered from house to house. It is the general population of Europe who have kept this custom alive.

In the Victorian time frame candles came to be set on the Christmas tree as it was thought to be the image of the Star, which guided the three insightful men to the home of Jesus. Candles that were utilized to beautify the tree were really stuck with the assistance of dissolved wax or joined by pins to the branch of a Christmas tree. Candleholders for Christmas candles came to be utilized just in the year 1890 though glass balls and little lights were utilized in the vicinity of 1902AD and 1904AD. Take in more about my site on candles.

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]]> Solivita: The Hidden Oasis In Florida With 55 Plus Communities Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:54:26 +0000 When you are on the lookout for 55 plus communities in Orlando, you can find a number of options. However, only a few are located in prominent regions with close proximity to prominent areas and are easily accessible from other parts of the world. One such area is Solivita, the 55 plus community in Orlando which is located a few minutes off the downtown Kissimmee. It can be reached from the Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World.

Why choose Solivita?

Solivita is named as one among the Top 50 master planned 55 plus communities of the nation according to the Where to Retire magazine, which has mentioned it for the 3rd time consecutively. This is a fine example as to why people should opt for this 55 plus community in the Florida area. It has also won more than 70 awards for community and design planning. No wonder, it has already attracted the interest of more than 7000 home owners. With such impressive recognitions and awards, Solivita stands a class apart than the rest of the 55 plus communities in and around the Florida region.

Safe, Secure And Stunning

Solivita looks stunning amidst the picturesque backdrop featuring Mini and Micky while offering the right balance with luxury, comfort and outdoor living. It is quite easy to reach an eatery on your motorbike, as it was created to meet the needs of the adults with an active lifestyle. The gated community of Solivita provides excellent security and the fitness centre and spa can help you interact with new friends. Plus, you can be the part of one among the 200 plus social clubs which are created by the members of the Solivita.

Solivita is spread across a sprawling area of 4300 acres with 150,000 square feet area consisting of top notch amenities and has 15 unique home designs, which were executed based on your imaginations. In short, Solivita is an ideal place to call home, as it has excellent facilities, superb amenities and is one among the best 55 plus community in the Florida region.

Top Closets Storages Tue, 25 Apr 2017 05:33:41 +0000

You don’t need to have your room expanded to have an extra closet space. The Laundry room should get the job done for you. A customized master walk-in bedroom is an excellent solution. If you’re residing in the home to be staged, it will help if you’re likely to store personal items off-site. All homes will require wardrobe storage systems. If you have your house, adding custom closets can also raise its value as it pertains time to sell down the street. It’s true, you are able to absolutely get a re-sale house and remodel, but bear in mind that the costs are usually considerable.

There might be those enormous walk in closets where in it is possible to store just about everything within it. You’re very likely to get several sorts of closet in your residence. Portable closets provide a remedy to closet-space issues. It’s simple enough to buy a portable closet and just put it in the bedroom away from the true closet.

Image result for Top Closets Storages

Having the capability to store whatever you want to in your closets and having the capability to easily find it will keep you from wasting time whenever you should get in a certain closet. Messy closets may lead to morning mayhem. First and foremost, they are naturally intended for storage.  Customized closets aren’t just a means to acquire more organized, but they could also assist in improving your mood and caliber of life.

You don’t require plenty of time or remodeling experience to acquire results you’ll love. Lots of people simply don’t have enough time to organize the house for optimal energy flow. Among the most creative and organized approaches to keep an eye on expensive spices is to receive a decent door design spice rack. It’s utilized to keep all your stuff in 1 place so you could retrieve it easily afterwards. You don’t need to purchase expensive stuff for more space.

Closet and storage systems can allow you to stay organized in each facet of your existence. There is a multitude of forms of storage systems offered for various people with various needs, therefore it’s vital to have a feel for just what you intend to be doing with yours. Besides wood, you might also elect for plastic storage systems that have come to be very popular too. A fantastic storage systems might be legitimate lifesaver, if you know what I mean. These wardrobe storage systems may add space to a property plus it is going to even make the house more attractive provided that there isn’t any clutter around.

          Closets Storages

Don’t just assume you don’t require storage because you’ll find out eventually that you really do. There are a few great, relatively easy and affordable strategies to maximize closet storage for the kitchen. It is one of the most important features of a home, so I’m always on the lookout for ones with the best closets. For ordinary sized homes, an individual can just can have the customary wardrobe storages that are often seen in the majority of homes.

In the event the space is insufficient for every one of the things which are needed to be stored, an individual can simply have another storage system so that everything is going to be kept organized and neat. Storage space is a very big issue inside this house for each room, especially the closets. Available space can help to make the most of your wardrobe to be a very fantastic subject of storage and organization. It’s your decision, your space and your financial plan.

For more information please Standard Closets to get more information about Closets Storages.

Quality Fencing – For All Types of Fencing Services Tue, 11 Apr 2017 06:30:03 +0000 Nowadays, homeowners don’t have to settle for things they don’t really approve just to make their home more functional. Like for example when it comes to fencing, which is a very important fixture in every residential property, they have now more fencing material options.

Quality Fencing is one of the most established providers of fencing services. Name the kind of fencing you want or the area you want to be fenced and they will right away plan for it. However, when it comes to the fencing material, it should be your call, though of course, they can also give brilliant suggestions if you want.

You can also use these tips below in choosing the best fence for your place:

  • You should choose the best fence you can find

Fences actually are not just functional but they can also promote aesthetics. In fact, your fence can even become a key feature in your landscaping if you choose well.

  • Put into consideration the maintenance of your choice

Generally, fences don’t really need that much maintenance. However, there are also fencing materials that need more of your time. This is why if you are a very busy person, you should not forget to consider this.

  • HOA consideration

If you are living in a subdivision with strict guidelines from the HOA, be sure to check on them first or else, your money will just be wasted as well as your time.

  • The right contractor and provider

This is also another aspect you must put into consideration. Not all providers are the same. This is why it will really pay to do a background check on your prospects first.

Quality Fencing should be one of your options when it comes to fencing services. With their skills and expertise, there is no need for you indeed to settle in mediocre output.

Know Important Facts About African Arts Fri, 07 Apr 2017 16:49:20 +0000 From the past decade, it has been observed that most of the people around the world are interested in decorating their home with at least one piece of African contemporary art. Most of them believe that these African arts will bring a color and style to their home. In earlier days, most of the people around the world didn’t have much knowledge about African contemporary art or African home décor items. However, the technology has made the world as a global village. So everybody would like to know the importance of African art.

With the help of technology, so many African contemporary artists are well noted around the world. And some of the painters have created detailed portraits as well as abstracts, which are rarely combined capably. Most of the African artists are using the acrylic oils and water colors to create some contemporary arts. In those arts, the oil painted art is preferred by so many people as it lasts much longer. There are so many websites offering the sale of African arts through the online. It is the better idea to purchase these paints through the internet. There are so many varieties and wide selections available online.

If you are thinking about the investment in arts, then you need to find the signatures and dates of the collectors because you will get an increased value for antique pieces. Some of greatest African artist are selling their arts through online. Most of the artists are not mentioning the date in arts; the buyers prefer to get the latest pieces.

And also you need to check the credibility of the web site. The web site must have a secured online transaction. If you have any query, do not hesitate to ask the webmaster.