Essential Tips by TrustATrader When Looking for a Good Builder

TrustATrader is a company dedicated to help you look for a professional in your local area who will complete a particular job.  They are an expert in providing a list of tradesmen who are reliable, excellent and affordable.   They understand that looking for a good builder can be a tricky process.  It comes with a legal and safety aspect.  Furthermore, it can be a costly and time-consuming practice.

TrustATrader Tips on How to Choose Your Builder

Here are some of the most crucial aspects that can help you find the right builder for your project.  This will let you avoid the amateurs who normally commit costly mistakes.

Defining Your Needs

According to TrustATrader, the first thing that you will need to do before you choose your builder is to define your particular needs.  Most of the builders are specialising in constructing a wide range of residential structures.  However, there are also builders who concentrate on a particular style, type, and price-range.  For instance, only a small amount of builders are expert in building starter homes and custom homes.  The process of construction, trade contractors and the materials can greatly vary depending on the style and the price of your home.  This will help you in building a shortlist of qualified builders.

Determine Their Experience in the Business

TrustATrader said that you should go beyond their years of practicing in the business.  All recognised firms started with nothing.  Most of the new firms are also established by the veterans in the building industry.  Do not easily discount a new firm but instead look at their experience in the business particularly if their team is made up of seasoned professionals.

 Ask for Referrals

When looking for a builder, TrustATrader said that you should ask them a list of their previous clients.  You want to make sure that their past clients are happy with the service they provide.  When meeting with their former clients ask them if they are willing to do business again with the contractor or if they would recommend the building firm to their friends and loved ones.

License and Insurance

Not all states are requiring their builders to have a license.  However, TrustATrader still recommends you to choose a licensed builder.  In addition, you should ask for the insurance that the trade contractors and the firm carry.  Ensuring that they are properly covered with insurance while conducting their work can prevent you from incurring additional expenses.


One of the best advantages of a new residential property is that the component, system, materials and your house is under a warranty. TrustATrader advices to choose the structural warranty that extend up to 10 years or more (preferably the warranty that can be transferred to the new owner in case you want to sell your home).

By following these tips and recommendations, you can guarantee that you will find a reliable and professional builder.  To help you choose the top-class and expert builders in your local area, visit the official site of TrustATrader.