Everything you need to Know about Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is an electric household appliance which is equipped with a blower and is used to remove dirt and dust on upholstered furniture or floor coverings. With this cleaning device, a vacuum is generated by a motor with which the dirt on the suction side is absorbed by a suction opening.

The user places the vacuum cleaner on the surfaces to be cleaned. The air sucked in with the dirt is passed through different filter systems. These filters filter the house dust and small dirt particles from the sucked air and store them in the vacuum cleaner bag. The air leaving the vacuum cleaner is much cleaner because the dust and especially the fine dust particles are in the bag.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The functional principle is nearly the same for all electrically operated vacuum cleaners. The units have a body which houses the motor as an all current or series-connected motor. Shaded-pole motors are rarely installed. This motor is needed for the blower and the vacuum is generated with it.

The blower is equipped with one or two-stage radial compressors, which are responsible for the air flow. This vacuum airflow sucks the dirt or dust by means of a suction pipe and directs it into the interior of the vacuum cleaner body. The sucked-in air is then cleaned or filtered within the test.

For this purpose, different filter systems are installed in the suction cup, which, depending on the efficiency class, can be used to leave the air from the suction device without dust or dirt particles. In this way, the air flows past the engine and cools it. Shark HV 382 is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today.

This is the reason why the motors are installed as small as possible and the cleaning devices can thus be manufactured easily.

In the case of a vacuum cleaner with a bag, the dirt is stored in a dust bag. A phase-out controller is usually installed in series on the motor. The power of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted by means of the current flow angle, and an inrush current limiter can be operated at this control with a setting resistor.

Advantages & Applications

There are users who prefer a vacuum cleaner without bags, and those who look for bags that are reinforced with conventional vacuum bags. The clear advantages of a vacuum cleaner without a bag lie in the low operating costs since no bags have to be bought. In addition, a vacuum cleaner without a bag has almost no suction loss, which can arise with the bags with a filled collecting bag.

For this, the vacuum cleaners without bags are more expensive in the purchase and mostly louder than the siblings. The dust collecting container must also be emptied by hand in the case of dust-free vacuum cleaners, which results in dusting during disposal. This means that these vacuum cleaners are completely eliminated, especially for people who are allergic, because a bag is completely removed and disposed of.

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