Five Challenges Humans Face Due to Urban Life

An urban lifestyle is sought after by many people because they feel it is a way for them to be closer to amenities and to their place of work. Unfortunately, living in a city environment has its drawbacks and many of these issues can affect your everyday life, making living here very difficult. For those who are finding urban living to be less than desirable, it’s time to go through a local sell house fast Seattle program to find a country home.

Five Challenges Humans Face Due to Urban Life

– Overcrowding
Overcrowding is a huge issue for people who live in city areas. While you are living in a location that is close to shops, restaurants and vendors, expect these places to be crowded on an almost constant basis. Overcrowding can be a real problem for people who want to be able to get in and get out of a store, like a supermarket. Instead of being able to do your shopping quickly and easily, you’ll be stuck on long lines whenever you step foot inside a store.

– Crime
A recent study has found that urban dwellers are three times more likely to be the victims of crimes than individuals who live in suburban or rural areas. In many cases, it’s not safe to walk around in the dark throughout the city at night without the risk of being mugged. This makes it especially dangerous for families who are looking for a protective safe haven for their children. Home break-ins are more likely to happen in the city than anywhere else.

– Cost of Living
Because you’re in an area that is close to amenities and to places of work, expect to pay a lot more for your home or apartment than you would in a country setting. In fact, it’s not uncommon for families living in urban locations to pay three or four times the amount they would if they lived on the outskirts of the city. This cost of living can be suffocating when you consider all the bills that this will have an effect on, such as your electric, rent, mortgage, groceries, heat, air conditioning and cable.

– Constant Traffic Congestion and Car Accidents
The overcrowding problem in urban developments trickles down into the streets, making it difficult to drive to your job five minutes from your house without it taking an hour. Traffic is a major problem for city dwellers and, with traffic, comes the onslaught of car accidents. Most car accidents occur in city areas, so it’s not uncommon to hear crashes throughout the week right outside your apartment door. Some people combat this issue by walking to where they need to go, but this can be hard if you need trunk space for shopping.

– Pollution
Despite the efforts of the EPA, pollution is still a big issue for people living in cities. The constant car exhaust fumes right outside your front door and the vast amount of shops with their exhaust systems makes it difficult to have access to fresh air. This is why you’ll often hear someone who lives in the city gasp in delight when they get out into the country because they are finally able to breathe in fresh air.

Living in the city has its benefits, but there are many drawbacks that can make normal living difficult and even downright dangerous. In many cases, it’s just easier to take your car and make the trip to your job from your country or suburban home to save yourself the hassle of city living.