Fun Tips to Create Storage for Your Smaller Home

When you live in a small space, having just a few things can still feel like a LOT of stuff. Before you decide to purge your closets, there are a few things you can do that are both space-saving and stylish. When following these tips, you’ll be transforming your apartment into an organized haven with plenty of room to store the things you love most.

Cork it Up

Corkboard is very inexpensive and can be purchased by the roll at craft stores. Use the cork to cover a small wall behind your desk or another common area in the home. Here, you can house urgent memos, photographs and recipes. This keeps your junk drawer clean, thereby creating more space and a visual appeal on a budget.

Pegboard is Your Friend

Pegboard can be your small space’s best friend. You can fit just about anything on a pegboard – from houseplants to tiny shelves to an abundance of craft supplies. Plus, pegboard adds some style to an accent wall.

If you’re a crafter, a pegboard can be a cool way to showcase fabrics, scissors and a variety of colorful threads. This can provide you with a fun way to store items and create a focal a point, and also allows you to gain quick access to these items when you need them fast.

Spicy Style

Your fridge has so much great potential when you combine a little time, some small jars and a roll of magnetic strips. House everything from paper clips to rubber bands to spices. This frees up your drawer and cabinet space, and it leaves more room for those larger items and appliances that are difficult to store out in the open.

Rods and Rings

Take some towel rods and shower rings for a new twist on kitchen storage. Some utensil canisters and some imagination go a long way. House your herb garden here or anything you need quick access to. You can search online for a variety of ideas to use rods and rings.This will give your kitchen some extra space and become a great conversation piece too boot. If the idea works for you, consider doing the same thing in your bathroom to house small lotion bottles, makeup brushes or toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Consider Self Storage

While the above-suggested ideas are definitely a fun and creative way to add extra space to your small home, self-storage is definitely the way to go for larger items that you don’t need every day. Perhaps you have an old bed frame or couch set from college that you want to hang onto for the future. Maybe you’ve inherited a lovely dining room set that you know will someday be the setting for large family gatherings. Self-storage units come in a variety of climate-controlled sizes so you can find one for whatever items you need to stow away. Call on the professionals at self storage North Miami Beach today.