Get Your Barbecue Like-New Clean

You can call it “patina” or “that lived-in look.” However, to everyone else, it’s a crusty mess. Nothing looks better than a clean grill. With prime summer grilling season quickly approaching, it’s time to get your gear looking buffed and beautiful. You’ll also notice that a clean grill means less flares and hotspots so that everything cooks evenly. Here are some tips from professional experts for getting your grill to look and cook like new:

  1. For propane grills: Turn up the heat and close the lid. Leave it closed until the residue is no longer smoking. For charcoal grills, start a bed of coals as you normally would, then close the lid and let it burn. This burns all residues to ash – similar to a self-cleaning oven.
  1. When the grill is cool, open it and remove the grilling gates. The ash is going to be greasy and clingy, and your grates are still going to need work. This is when a galvanized washtub and stand are going to be your back’s best friends. You’re also going to need to buy degreaser concentrate. Put the grates in the tub and follow the directions for ounces of degreaser to gallons of water. You might want to let everything sit overnight.
  1. Propane grill users will want to add the burner protectors to the washtub and give them a good soak and scrub. Disconnect the gas and clean out the burners as well as the ventri tubes. A long brush allows you to get down in there to scrub out ash, debris, and even insects.
  1. Take a bucket of degreaser and water, sponge, and scrubbing pads, and go after the interior of the cook box – inside of the grill. Smoke, grease, and ash can build up on the inside of your grill, too. Put the degreaser on and let it set. You will then go in with using the sponge and scrubber. Finish the job off by rinsing it completely with the hose.
  1. For propane grillers, it’s important to check your connections and tubes to make sure you’re not leaking propane. First, disconnect the fuel lines and look for any rips, holes, or cracks. Check the canister for any dents, punctures, or areas with deformations. Finally, reconnect the lines and make a mix of soapy water just like a kid’s bubble blowing mix. You will then turn the gas back on and brush over the lines. Bubbles will form if there are any leaks.
  1. Make sure to clean after each use of the grill so that you won’t have to work as hard next year. A quick wipe down of the cook box and scrubbing down the grates will keep you from having flares and hot spots.

There you have it, an inside out clean that means your summer grilling is going to be new-grill perfect.  Remember, cleaning after every use is great, but every so often, break everything down and just clean it until even your mother would be happy with it! Have a great summer!