How to Save Money on Renting Apartments

Renting an apartment is the easiest way to get an accommodation in a new city! When you move to a new city, especially a big city like Bangalore, one of the greatest challenges is finding an accommodation within your budget. Don’t worry! Rent for properties in Bangalore does not necessarily burn your pocket. Here are few smart ways to save money on renting apartments –

  • Commit to rent the apartment for a longer duration and bargain for a better rent. Landlords find it difficult to find committed renters for a long run, so even owners would want to secure a deal.
  • While searching for properties, diversify your research. From newspapers to online portals, start searching all channels to find more properties to suit your needs.
  • You can also save on brokerage and broker commission by renting directly from landlords. Looking for rental properties on online real estate portals is the best way to do so.
  • If you are going to live alone, you can look out for a flat share or house share. Getting flatmates is a good way of reducing rental as the rent gets distributed. If you are living in a house share, convey it to your landlord apparently.

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  • Research on rates of other properties in the area and then negotiate your rent accordingly. Negotiation, if done the right way, is successful tact for reducing monthly rent.
  • If you are ready to take on some maintenance costs of the home, instead of depending on the landlord, you can ask him for a discount in rent. But make sure you perform the maintenance activities as committed.
  • Move a little away from a traditional area, and you will be surprised at the huge difference in apartment rentals. The rent in popular areas is higher. So, if the location is not a big issue for you, move a little away from the core area and get a better apartment for the same rental.

Shop around, research and then make a choice to get the best rental property in your budget.