How to Use a Bench Grinder

A handy tool with numerous applications, a bench grinder is often used to grind, cut or shape metals for tools. It is a powerful and reliable tool. Let’s check out the steps of using it on this website.

  • Foremost it needs to be installed or bolted to a work table securely, and the tool rest should be in its right place in the grinder. It should be secured, and there should be about 3 mm space between the grinding wheel and it. The metal item to be ground is placed on it.
  • Clear the surrounding area of any debris and ensure enough space to easily push in and pull back the metal piece on the grinder.
  • Place a bucket of water nearby to use for cooling metal if it gets too hot while grinding
  • Wear protective garments like safety glasses, ear plugs, face mask, steeled toes shoes to protect you from metal dust and sparks.
  • Turn the grinder on and stand on the side till it reaches maximum speed.
  • Now move directly in front of the bench grinder. Now take the metal piece, hold it tight in both hands and placing it on the tool rest, push it slowly towards the grinder till it touches the edge only. Be careful that the metals do not touch the sides of the grinder at any point.
  • Remove it occasionally and dip it in the bucket of water so that a significant amount of heat produced during grinding is ebbed down and the hot metal becomes cool again.
  • The metal needs to be moved back and forth till the unnecessary metal chunk is eliminated. Do not hold the metal in one place for too long as it would get damaged due to the excess heat produced. It successfully grinds your metal.

You need to ensure that you purchase a good bench grinder if you want it to work great for many years to come.