Learn the Common Terminologies Involved in Fence and Gate

Fences surrounding your pool not just offer a great sense of safety, but also make your pool look even more beautiful. The fence comes in different styles, materials and price range. When you are looking to invest in a fence, the first thing that you must do is to understand its basic terminologies.

What is great in an Aluminum frame?

An aluminum fence is designed to look more like a wrought iron. It is light in weight, less expensive and needs less maintenance. They come with a lifetime guarantee and not susceptible to rust.

Available in several exciting colors such as white, black, green, bronze etc. they would surely add an interesting touch to your pool. Whether you want a straight bar, rails or finely-decorated work, aluminum fencing looks stylish and unique in the true sense.

Common areas where aluminum fence is in demand

An aluminum fence is generally installed in residential as well as commercial places. Its classic appeal makes it the most suitable in gated communities and educational settings. A good quality fence also offers heightened security and provides a clear description of property boundaries wherever they are used. When used in automatic gates, it also enhances the security of the property.

Glossary of fence and gates

Two Rail

The configuration of a fence and gate is done by building two horizontal members into the gate.  It is designed to meet the stringent laws and codes in the country that are made in relation to promoting child safety.

Three Rail

In this configuration, a gate configuration and fence panel are built with the help of three horizontal members into the gate or the panel.  Two of these rails are located at or close to the top of each gate and the third one is present at or close to the bottom of each gate.

Four Rail

This is a type of a gate or fence panel configuration in which 4 horizontal members are built into the gate or panel.  All those residential fences at 6 feet height automatically include the 4th horizontal rail.  This addition of 4th rail is also found in industrial gates and fence panels that are located at 7, 8, 9 and 10 foot heights.

4 by 4 Aluminum Post

Such type of aluminum posts is used along with the heavy-duty hinges of the gate. These hinges are made of 4″ x 4″ plate for broader single gates that go till nine feet in width and double swing gates that go till 18 feet in width.  For gates that are broader than these, require 6″ x 6″ steel posts

6×6 Steel Post

This is the post of the largest size. It is never pre-punched.  These posts are used to connect pool fence panels to the adjacent or opposite side of the post from where the hinge plate is mounted.

Understanding these terminologies and acquiring an in-depth knowledge about gates and fence panels would help you make an informed and wise decision.