Maintaining Home Systems in Good Working Condition

Homeowners in the Chicago area can take advantage of warmer weather during the late spring and summer months to complete important maintenance tasks. These times of year also provide an excellent season to contact busy service companies to check over important home systems for you. 

One vital (yet easily overlooked) item of the plumbing system warrants particular attention in the Windy City: ensure your residential or business sump pump operates well. This unobtrusive item of plumbing equipment plays an important role in preventing many local properties from become partly submerged and mold-infested.

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Where’s My “Sump Pump”?

Property owners frequently possess familiarity with visible plumbing fixtures. Yet sump pumps usually don’t attract a lot of attention- unless they stop working suddenly! In fact, many sump pumps today include sophisticated alarm systems to notify owners and property management companies about potential malfunctions. It makes sense to ensure this equipment remains in perfectly operating condition.

You’ll typically find this important pumping mechanism installed in the basement level of a home. It sits near a crawl space or basement drain in the lowest elevation, a point where water sometimes accumulates. Sump pumps play an important role in keeping these locations dry. They occur in different varieties. Some pedestal sump pumps appear visible, sitting above a drain. Other types (called “submersible sump pumps”) operate completely submerged and largely hidden from view affixed securely inside the drain.

Why Sump Pumps Matter So Much in Chicago

Sump pumps perform useful service in many locations around the world. Yet someone might argue these plumbing fixtures play a particularly important function in Chicago. Perched along the shores of Lake Michigan, our city contains some very low-lying neighborhoods with aging infrastructure. Additionally, several parts of this huge metropolis straddle the Chicago River. From time to time, residents in Chicago can expect to encounter waterlogged or even flooded conditions.

If you reside in a structure in a low-lying elevation, you probably notice basements become prone to water seepage at certain times of the year, for example. You likely depend upon one or more sump pumps to help keep water out of the lowest levels or crawl spaces in your residence or commercial building.

Seek Regular Maintenance Services

Today, home improvement experts usually recommend asking a trained service person to check over vital building systems at least one every year. This process can help ensure all of the components remain in good working condition. Obtaining regular maintenance inspections usually brings greater peace of mind. Additionally, requesting periodic service checks ensures a qualified repair person can perform cleaning and correct any obvious malfunctions in equipment before small mechanical defects develop into major problems. For instance, most experts recommend asking an HVAC company to check over your air conditioning system and furnace at least annually.

It makes sense in Chicago to schedule an annual service call for a qualified plumbing technician to inspect and clean your sump pumps. Depending upon the type of pump you use, clogs may develop and impair pumping ability over time. Additionally, since water often carries mud and small particles of gravel, debris accumulate gradually around submersible sump pumps. If left unremoved, eventually this gritty material may cause damage to the pumping mechanism. By scheduling at least annual maintenance services, you’ll ensure you keep this valuable part of your plumbing system operating efficiently.

Obtaining Dependable Sump Pump Maintenance in Chicago

In Chicago, you can locate reliable home plumbing maintenance for sump pumps. Contact online or call 773-880-0072 for assistance!