Pressure Washing Power

3 Unbelievable Ways a Little Water Pressure Can Reinvent the Look & Feel of Your Home

How many times throughout the year do you take your car in for a professional car wash? The average U.S. driver washes his or her car professionally 12 times a year. If we take such good care of our cars, using pressurized water to clean out the nooks and crannies, why don’t we apply that same philosophy to your homes?

The obvious answer here is: We just don’t think about it!  But that’s why I’m writing this post for you today.

As the manager of a team of commercial painters and a pressure washing services provider, I take pride in helping my clients reclaim the natural beauty of their home – in just one pressure washing service!

Surprising Benefit of Pressure Washing Your Home

No matter how carefully crafted the inside of your home, if the outside is dingy or dirty, this will no doubt leave an impact on how your guests see the rest of your home – no matter how many JCrew pillows or crown molding add-ons you have worked so hard to add.

After all, we all know that many a times the first impression turns out to be the last.

The best way to get your home exteriors cleaned is through pressure washing. It not just cleans the outside of your home; but, it is a great way of providing your family with a healthier environment.

Every day, normal wear and tear causes the outdoor surface of your home to oxidize, discolor and degrade. Over time, this gives the exteriors a worn out look.

Also, rain, dust, ultraviolet rays, grime and wind add to this effect. Mold, mildew, insects, birds and tree latex all leave their individual footprints on the outdoor surfaces of your home.

And it doesn’t end there. Pollution, acid rain, smoke and exhaust from our cars, BBQ grills, lawnmowers, etc. work together to discolor and wear down our home’s exterior paint, stucco or brick surface (Yes, brick can become very discolored over time!)

It also adds curb appeal to your property.  

However, there is some good news. Just a little pressure and H20 can erase decades of erosion and stain in just hours!! A pressure washing can be applied to:

  1. Brick
  2. Stucco
  3. Concrete
  4. Fences
  5. Windows
  6. Pool decks and/ or patios
  7. Driveways and/ or sidewalks
  8. Garage doors
  9. Grills
  10. Outdoor furniture
  11. Cars, motorcycles or boats

The benefits of giving all (or more) of these surfaces a healthy spray-down include:

  • Gaining an instant monetary and emotional benefit

It might not cross your mind twice that your house is so dirty till the time you get it pressure washed. However, the newfound freshness of your house would force you to fall in love with your home once again.

And, in case you are planning to put your house up for sale, professional pressure washing can add least add $10,000 – $15, 000 more to its base price. It will immediately look fresh, attractive and new.

  • Extending the overall life of your home

If you want to avoid unnecessary repairs, pressure washing will also extend the life of your property. Whether it is sidings, patios, fences, sidewalks or any other structures outside your home, pressure washing can and will keep them from needing to be replaced. It extends the life of your furniture and appliances, protecting them from rust, rot and decay.

  • Protect your family from harmful molds or algaes

Harsh climates and unpredictable weather patterns invite unwelcome objects to live on the outside of our homes. Everything from mold, algae, mildew or dirt can live on our homes’ exteriors, patios or driveways for years without us even knowing they are there!

These are all contaminants that are not good for the health of your family, especially for people suffering from allergies.  Just one quick pressure wash, however, and the threat to your and your family’s health will be removed. Pressure washing can very efficiently clean all of them giving your family a safe and healthy environment they deserve.

Hands-down, pressure washing is the most cost effective and affordable way to clean and revitalize the outside of your home, making friends and family excited to see just how well the inside matches the outside! It is also a great way to add more curb appeal when you decide to put your home on the market.

Always hire an expert pressure washer, who can clean every nook and cranny of your home safely and efficiently.

If you are based in Central Florida, just call The Paint Manager. From the roof and exterior of your home to windows and patios, The Paint Manager will make your home new again.