Pune! A good move to Move here

Pune once laid back and a lazy city, is now a fast growing land. Especially for people moving from a close by Metro like Mumbai which is getting saturated and from small towns. Of course it now has people flocking from every part of the world. 10 or 12 years back too this place was at its slow pace but not anymore. Back then no one even thought of a 1bhk flat for rent in Pune. Not because they were not available, though in scarce, but anyone who thought of moving here mostly would look at bigger places. Now times have changed and a lot of IT crowd has started settling here. And since they are singles or only with a spouse they prefer smaller dwellings close by to their work places and 1bhk flat for rent in Pune have become much in demand.

Let us see a few reasons why Pune has become a preferred city for moving base:

  • The Education Hub: this city always has been a great ground for education and is only increasing in its importance of education. From the basic schools, gurukuls, colleges to its famous University to the catering college and engineering college to new additions like the Flame University and Symbiosis University it is growing in demand. People from all over are trying to come and study here.The number of sports academy’s here are also commendable.
  • The IT hub: it is also a growing IT hub. From IT giants like Cognisant to Wipro and Infy, companies small or big are all trying to set base here, like they do in Metros.So Pune has seen a growth in the IT centres being set here. This in turn increases the demand for the place.
  • Transport: Pune sure has buses and autos and now all the private cab facilities too. But frankly this is one area where Pune lacks. If compared to other cities Pune’s transport is nowhere a match. But if you have been here then you do realise the difference in the past and now. It is sure getting much better. The Metro is also being planned in a big way and there is also an International Airport soon coming up here.
  • Food: once again a huge difference in now and a couple years back. It was certainly to get any place open for one to get food after 10pm. But with the growing population and cosmopolitan too you will find not only a number restaurants shooting up but also a huge variety of cuisines from around the globe. Themed restaurants, Flea markets, food festivals, Malls, Pubs, Breweries, you name it and you get it, is the current scenario. A happening place now!
  • Health care: of course when a city is a hub to sectors like Education and IT why and how will it be left behind in the health and care facilities? It has Big and famous hospitals and fitness centres. World class treatments in hospitals and in fitness centres is found here.
  • Place to stay: I started with the example of stay in this write up because shelter is the most important aspect to move base. And I have kept it as the last pointer now simply to first emphasis why one should consider moving here. Places to stay here you can find umpteen options. Right from PG’s to hostels to studio apartments, to 1bhk flat on rent in Pune to other options you name and get is the scene now.

Above all else Pune still has a good weather to be in!