Recommended 10 Portions of Fruit and Veg a Day – Not 5

For years we have all been told to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with many people across the world sticking by this religiously and getting their recommended five portions in ona daily basis. However, many people are now choosing to double the amount previously recommended and instead enjoying 10 portions a day. This has come about after a major study discovered that dramatically increasing fruit and veg intake intensely reduces the chance of disease.

Did you know that by eating 800 grams of fruits and vegetables each day people can reduce the risk of having a stroke by a third and reduce the risk of heart diseases by almost a quarter – something in which is incredibly important to many, with a growing number of people concerned about their health and lifestyle, striving to make changes for the better.

Eating ten portions of fruits and veggies per day does not only decrease the chance of strokes and heart disease either, it can also aid with so much more for example the study which is pushing people to eat more of these things shows that if everyone had the newly recommended ten daily portions, almost 8 million premature deaths could be prevented worldwide.

The researchers who conducted the study from Imperial College London found that although eating 5 portions per day is better than none, working to reduce the risk, ten portions a day is far more beneficial and should be eaten where possible. However, critics are saying that it could be unrealistic for people to eat so many fruits and veggies, so today we are going to share some top tips to help people get their 10-per-day…

Easy ways to eat more fruit and veg…

  • Start eating your fruit and veg early, incorporating them into your breakfast and morning snacks. This is easier than you may think too, why not simply add fruit to your porridge or kick-start your day with a healthy smoothie?
  • Keep your fruit bowl stocked up with fresh fruit and make sure that you place it somewhere where that it can be seen, so that when it catches your eye, you can grab whatever takes your fancy.
  • Why not try and grown your own fruits and veggies? This will allow you to enjoy the freshest and most tasty produce! Check out your local hydroponic store and purchase leading equipment to allow you to grow your own in your home easily.
  • Don’t discount frozen. Some people are sometimes put off by frozen vegetables however these are easy to prepare and can last long, so it is advised to stock up on these. Frozen veggies are also often as nutritious as fresh ones.
  • When preparing a meal, strive to fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits.
  • When buying juice, look out for labels stating 100% fruit and vegetable juice, this is a great way to get in some extra portions.
  • Experiment preparing your fruits and vegetables in different ways, some you may like more than others and testing out new styles of cooking could allow you to find what you enjoy the most – making eating veggies an enjoyment not a task.
  • Prepare your vegetables in advance. If you know that you are going to have a busy few days, with minimal time for meal prep, why not peel and cut your veggie sin advance? This will make getting home from work and cooking easier than ever before and stop you from picking up the phone to call a take-out.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to strive to eat 10 portions per day from now on? Let us know your opinion…