Steel Dealers

There are a lot of reputable steel dealers in the greater Houston Texas area as i’m sure you’re well aware. There is only one of those companies that is truly a cut above the rest, that company is Texas Iron and Metal. Texas Iron and Metal is a company that has been around for over seventy-five years and has continued to grow and become a staple of the steel supply in the Texas area it is truly a household name among contractors in the area. With three quarters of a century in business you know you can count on Texas Iron and Metal to have customer service that goes well above and beyond anything anyone else in the area is offering all of the years of experience that they have accumulated have added up to make a company with name and reputation, now in order to not tarnish any of that well earned respect and reputation you know that you can count on them to not do any dealings that aren’t fairly priced and expertly treated by their customer service representatives.

At Texas Iron and Metal they have one of the widest selections of steel and metal products out there meaning that no matter what steel supply based need you may have the steel dealer you need to contact is Texas Iron and Metal they have most of anything that you could hope to get and more not only that but in the rare case that you happen to need to something that is out of stock the folks at Texas Iron and Metal will gladly order it for you and deliver it there is a reason why the Texas Iron and Metal motto is “You want it, we’ve got it – now that’s supply on demand.”

Because Texas Iron and Metal is a Steel dealer they offer many different kinds of steel product which includes: angle irons, channel steel, UM plates, wide flange beams, standard I-beam, round bars (CR and HR), all sorts of piping, square and rectangular tubing, plates of steel, Sheet metal, floor plates, bar gratings, expanded metal, rebar, hex bars, tees, flanges, pipe fittings, welding wires and welding rods. They also work hard to keep their surplus steel well stocked so that you can get the best items on the marker at the best prices out there. Texas Iron and Metal has a good selection of surplus metal and steel because of how much work goes into acquiring the surplus steel. The folks at Texas Iron and Metal find the best surplus steel so that it is as close to premium quality as possible. It is also worth noting that Texas Iron and Metal ships their product outside of Houston Texas to anywhere in the world, although they specialize in the greater Houston area, so if you want to take advantage of the free shipping options that they have or the same day pick up options, you have to be in Houston and you have to place an order that’s over four hundred dollars to qualify for it, well for the free delivery anyways the same day shipping is available to anyone in the area.