The Importance in Designing a Chair

Something most people never think about is how important the design of a chair is. A recent study reviewing school furniture shows that the layout and design of a chair can have a positive impact on students in school.

Most important

In fact, the most important classroom technology currently is not a classroom projector, tablet or laptop – it is the chair that swivels according to researchers in environment and behavior. Students need to be able to move if a moment that is fluid instead of ‘clunking’ around in order to try to get the chair into different position.Image result for The Importance in Designing a Chair

Importance of design

The design of a chair is also important for a person working at a desk for long hours working on computers. This is known as ergonomics and all chairs should be ergonomically designed. This is an applied science that has to do with designing and arranging items on a desk so that people working can interact with items at the desk in a way that is safer and more efficient. People who work all day and sit in a chair are at a higher risk of injury to the back as well as those who stand all day. The key to good ergonomic designs is really a mixture of the two.

Chair design

Any chair design should allow for standing, reclining, sitting – in other words changing position often; this is best for the body. This is the main function of any type of chair from work, school, entertainment centers, dining rooms, living room and any other places where chairs are used.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics is one of most important parts of chair design especially when you know what the chair will be used for. Back pain costs companies around $7.4 billion yearly especially in workers 40 to 65 years of age

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