The ins and outs building a loft

Right after making a home or purchasing new apartment the loft bedroom might be a perfect for you if you have a low space rooms. Loft bedrooms can really manage the space and give the new touch to your bedrooms also kids always love to sleep on these beds. The loft can be used for sleeping and working purpose also you can build them in very reasonable budget without disturbing your monthly budget. You can easily build a loft if your room has good ceiling on your roof there is no rocket science in it you can easily build in one day by yourself. To build a loft all you need is accurate measures, good quality wood, some up to dated tools like screw, saw, wrench, hammer, and a little piece of time.

Things You Need To Know To Build a Loft

First of all you need to measure the space of your room where you have to build the loft I would suggest to choose the nook of your room to build your loft instead of in the center of the room it will save your room space and will look more beautiful.  After it purchases the plywood sheets you can choose the size according to room space first measure your room space where you are going to place and after it purchase plywood with same size and make your tools ready.

After making ready everything the next step is to fix the 4×4 plywood blocks into wall with the help of anchor bolts it would be the first layout of your loft after making the first layout next fix 2×6 plywood blocks on the top of blocks that you have already fixes into walls. The next step is to make the layout for the loft floor choose 2 more plywood blocks of 2×6 with the help of deck braces it is the final layout of your loft floor, don’t forget to leave a small square point  in your loft floor because you have to fix a wooden ladder to reach at your loft floor. After making the setup for floor the next step is to make the wooden ladder for your loft use 2×6 blocks for making the sides of ladder and 2×4 for making the steps use long sized screws to fix these blocks then fix your ladder into square point which you left for this purpose.

If you have kids do remember that the safety should be the first priority to make sure your safety make a railing on your floor with the help of 1×2 wood blocks. Now it is the final step cover the entire floor of your loft with the help of pine boards, the pine board must be strong because you have to put a lot of weight on it. After giving the final touch to your loft make sure that screws and anchor bolts are fixed correctly it is necessary for your safety. You can use some special kind of lights in your loft to make it more attractive for your guests and kids.

You can easily build your loft at your home have if you have little piece of time as I have already said that it is not a difficult to build but it may be a little technical use these methods and build a amazing loft at your home.