Three Types of Popular Aspen Lumber

Buying new furniture is not just about finding the pieces that feel right.  While that may be the most important factor you consider you are probably also going to consider right pieces for your space and color scheme. Indeed, the most important factor when shopping for furniture may be how it feels but it also matters how well it looks in your home.  And much of this factor will be determined by the type of wood the manufacturer used to make each piece of furniture.

Aspen lumber is a popular choice in this regard.  This type of lumber generally refers to a specific tree species. In the lumber industry, however, the term can also refer to trees or wood that shares characteristics with what would traditionally be considered aspen lumber. Normally, precut aspen lumber is white in color. While it is considered a soft wood, though, aspen lumber is actually pretty strong and it has low flammability—which explains why it is a favorite among furniture makers.Related image


Pine is one of the most affordable types of aspen lumber on the market right now.  It is light weight and also light in color (mostly off-white, sometimes slightly yellow) and with brown knots.  Of course, this makes pine ideal for rustic farmhouse chairs and tables.  Since it is a common wood, the material is not very expensive, and that usually means the furniture made from it is relatively affordable too.


Maple, as a wood, has a creamy white, textured appearance; sometimes with a reddish hue.  Maple is sturdy, making it an excellent choice for more robust pieces of furniture (like cabinets and dressers).  Though it is strong, it is also still somewhat affordable, though you need to make sure that you seal it properly or it could begin to age prematurely.


Finally, we have cherry.  Cherry is a hard wood (the opposite of pine, basically).  Cherry lumber has fine, straight grains and can range in color from blonde to reddish-brown.  With its clean lines, cherry wood is excellent for carved chairs, cabinets, and Shaker-style tables. This hard wood, fortunately, is also easy to shape—and it holds polish quite well—but it can be expensive; probably because it is among the best looking types of wood. Still, this appearance can wane quickly if not properly cared for.