What Are The Jobs Of Electrical Engineers?

Electric contractors of electricians install wiring and electrical devices and check that they run correctly in a large variety of settings.  For becoming an excellent electrical contractor, you need to complete anapprenticeship for many years and then get a license before starting your career.

Description of Job of Electrical Contractor

The primary job of electrical contractors in MA is installation and maintenance of all electric systems which include breaker boxes, switches, wiring, and also other different machinery in a variety of settings. They can work in the residential, commercial, industrial, etc. settings. The working hours also differs and also the working conditions depending on the person who hires them and depending on the description of the job. Some electrical contractors handle construction and some maintenance. Some can also handle both.

Duties that an electrical contractor has to do

Electrical contractors in MAhave to handle adifferent kind of jobs. The jobs include installation, maintenance, customer service, and administrative work. Installation and maintenance duty comprises checking electrical equipment, replacing complex devices, replacing worn parts, etc. Customer service and administrative jobs include contacting customers, asking customers to schedule appointments, also need to complete regulatory requirements like taxes etc. There construction duties of conduit bending, heavy object lifting, using power tools, stringing wire, etc.

Career requirements for an Electrical Contractor?

Good electrical contractors in MA are trained via apprenticeship program in electric work. This can take a maximum of 4 hours. Classroom study of at least 144 hours should be completed and on-the-job training of 2,000 hours needs to be completed per year. Electrical theory, match, blueprints, National Electrical Code and work safety, are the studies they have to finish in that period.

Getting alicense in theUSA may vary from state to state, but having a license to be an electrical contractor is a must. Some states may ask for examinations on the knowledge of codes,and some statesin the USAmay require master electrician’s license before starting work. For acquiring master’s certificate, the electrical contractor must fulfil the required number of experience and then they are made to sit on an exam prepared by the state and pass it.

Career and Salary

From 2014-2024 the anticipated growth in electrical engineers is 14% as per the data put out by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is mainly due to a large number of new buildings coming up in every city of USA. Electricians generallymake around $55,590 per year.