3 Seasonal Essentials To Get Your New York Yard Ready For Spring

This year’s snowfall has left everyone’s landscape looking a little lackluster, but it only takes a little elbow grease to get things blooming once again. Since the last thing you need is to have to stop in the middle of your work to get supplies, it is best to set out with everything you need on hand. As you search for a hardware store near me, consider adding these three lawn care essentials to your list so that you will be ready to get started.

Grass Seed and Spreader

Seeding your lawn is an important part of restoring it after winter has done its damage. Ideally, you should put down the same type of grass seed as you have already growing. In New York, this is typically ryegrass, fescue or bluegrass. If you are unsure, try pulling a few sample blades and taking it to a hardware store near me to find the right type of seed. Once you find the seed you need, pick up a spreader to simplify the process of putting it down. When picking a spreader, make sure you get a large enough one for the amount of square feet you expect to seed, and consider choosing one that can be used for multiple purposes.

Weed and Pest Control Products

Today, you can maximize your gardening efforts by using two-in-one products that accomplish several tasks at once. For example, you can pick up a fertilizer that also aids in pest control so that you can eliminate grubs and other lawn destroyers before they have a chance to do their damage. Weed control sprays are also essential at the beginning of the season so that you can stop them from the very first sprout since they begin to spread fast.

Trimming Tools

From mowing to edging and chopping down tree branches, your lawn care always requires a little heavy work. Make the job easier this year by giving all of your tools a good inspection before you get started. If you notice any dull blades or an outdated piece of equipment, then don’t hesitate to run down to a hardware store near me where you can pick up everything all at once. To make sure you get the right equipment for the job, talk to a professional tool specialist who can point you to ones that can handle your tasks. Just make sure to have an idea of the kind of work you will be doing such as trimming tree branches away from your roof or edging along the drive so that your specialist knows exactly which type of equipment fits your to-do list.

Gearing up for the season is exciting since feeling those first warm rays of the sun means that your New York winter is finally over. This year, get a jumpstart on all of your landscaping needs by making sure that you have the right products all ready to go before you start the job.