6 Home Design Ideas For 2017

The second month of the year is almost over, have you started your home remodeling projects yet?  Well, if not, here are a few excellent Flash Decor ideas to get you started.


Last year we saw some growth in both earth tones and pastels, though not necessarily together. 2017 kind of brings these two ideas together with softer spring colors like lavender, taupe, and amethyst. Muted, organic tones with feminine lines, softer silhouettes and gentle curves will all make way into cleanly tailored aesthetics this year.Image result for 6 Home Design Ideas For 2017


Last year the big metallic accents of gold and brass really helped to transition rooms from drab to fab. This year, brass and gold are both back and better than ever because we can also add a comeback of nickel and silver. Couple any of these—or a combination of them—with organic finishes and you will brand-new-looking light fixtures, chairs, beds, and more.  Manufacturers are starting to use these “cheaper” metals in new ways that are more durable but still fabulous.


You can never go wrong with natural textures in your home.  From cane to rattan to abaca, natural textures added to upholstering helps to make a reality anything you can fancy in your imagination.  And varying the techniques, too, really help to accentuate the textures you choose to use.


While you are looking at new ways to use those natural textures, consider using any discarded or extra parts in new ways too.  It cuts down on waste—so its better for the environment—but it also means fewer things you have to buy.  From reusing upholstery in new ways to combining elements of different pieces to make something truly unique, this is another way you can let creativity drive your design.


You could call it transcendence, if you want, but furniture and furnishing styling from older periods are in this year too.  However, you don’t want to just stick to one period or one region. In 2017, creative is cool so blend a few styles together in a unique way that accentuates your personality and style but is still comfortable for your home.


Styles come and go but there is nothing that can take the place of materials that stand the test of time.  Stain-resistant fabrics are big this year, and that makes sense when you consider that most people really don’t want to spend the money to clean their elegant furniture (or, gasp, replace them!)  Indeed, even the most high-end French designers are looking at velvet composites that are nearly 50 percent polyester!