Choosing Great Safes for your Hotel

People who travel frequently agree that hotel security is an essential aspect that should be taken into consideration by all hotel owners. Whether traveling for pleasure of business, people want to know if their belongings will be safe when they aren’t in their room.

As a result of this, more hotels have welcomed the idea of installing in-room safes for their guests. Guests can then store their valuable items such as passports, money or laptops. Moreover, guests can have peace of mind even when they leave their belongings behind. If you own bed and breakfast inn or hotel and you still haven’t installed in-house safes, here are some reasons you should consider them:

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Boosts customer satisfaction

If you want to increase customer satisfaction in the hotel, you should add in-room safes. Other than feeling confident about leaving their valuable possession behind, visitors will know that you care because you did your best to offer them an extra, valuable amenity. Studies have shown that hotels with in-rooms safes are preferred. For a hotel to a 4 or 5 rating today, it should have an in-room safe.

Ease of storage

Having an extra amenity like in-room safes streamlines the process for guests to store their valuables. The need to stay in long queues at the reception so as to have valuables stored well is eliminated. If a hotel safe is in the room, guests can store everything they need using a code that isn’t known even by the hotel staff. This is far much better because guests don’t have to trust the hotel staff to keep their items. Also, no one has to know the valuables each guest has since they will store them by themselves. This generally improves security.

Most large hotels in the country trust Stockinger safes with the security and peace of mind of their guests. These safes offer a complete front desk and in-room security solutions for the hotel. Some quick benefits of having our safes include:

  • Enhancing prestige
  • Reducing theft claims
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Giving guests the peace of mind

Stockinger safes are customizable and can be made in a unique way to suit any budget or need. The safes have been designed in a way that they can be mounted on walls or incorporated into furniture. The electronic locking system has an emergency key and uses a 4-digit code that should be configured individually by each and every guest. Only the management of the hotel gets a master code that can be used in case the guest forgets the password or to carry their valuables when checking out for good.

For most travelers, room availability isn’t the only thing that is important. The availability of a safe in the rooms can make guests choose your hotel over another just because you are offering better security amenities. Because of this, you need to consider installing the safest safes- Stockinger safes in the hotel rooms. Contact us to know more about our products and why they are preferred by many in the industry.