Choosing the right Handyman or Contractor in Central Maryland.

Columbia, Laurel and Crofton options.

Baltimore, MD: When you live in Central Maryland (Columbia, Ellicott, City, Laurel, Crofton- suburbs of Baltimore) and you need a Handyman or contractor- you have many options.

Choosing the right person can be tough. For example: do you need a specialty trade or a general contractor or handyman? (A specialty trade is a plumber, roofer, painter, electrician, landscaper, drywall, carpenter).

The average homeowner is not sure and chooses to call 3 to 6 handymen/ contractors to ask for prices. They can also ask for friends recommendations on sites like Facebook but quality is always a question and telling a friend you didn’t hire them is sometimes hard.

The problem with these measures are that calling 3 to 6 contractors takes time. You will end up spending time searching and calling guys from Annapolis to Rockville and after you speak with 6 pros- maybe 4 will give a response and 3 will arrange meetings only which 2 of them will show up (*a terrible problem in the home improvement business for Maryland and Washington D.C.).

Then, asking a friend or neighbor is never advised because the quality or recommendation is not verified. New “neighbor sites” promise recommendations but do you really know who is being recommended and their motivation (it’s hard to know that one person is another’s 3rd cousin, etc.). Also- studies have shown most recommendations are only made because the original homeowner is trying to get verification they chose the right plumber to begin with- that doesn’t help with your project!

Asking a friend is tough because when you post, 3 friends will name their favorite handyman or electrician, then you have to ultimately tell 2 you are turning them down— talk about awkward times at the next patio party!

There is a new site out of Baltimore called EFynch. EFynch allows homeowner to privately post their projects and local handymen, painters, contractors can bid to do the work. The communication is controlled by the homeowner and only when you are ready- can you initiate a contract with the handyman and get the work done. Payments have a guarantee program and the site is promising.

Based in Baltimore but servicing all areas through Washington D.C.- it is the easy way to find your local handyman or side worker. Many of their pros have of 15+ years of experience and are there working with the experience they gained when the contracted for larger companies (who charge double). So whether you need a Handyman, contractor, drywall patching, home tips, plumber, electrician or roofer- check out the best local site for Baltimore/ Washington homeowners and take control of your next home improvement project.