Fences – a Necessary Armament to Your House and Pets

A fence can be defined as a barrier, railing or any other structure that is basically made of wire, posts, and wood to indicate a boundary, to confine, or to control access to an enclosed area of the ground.

Fencing solves various problems of homeowners including laying out a boundary for the property and offering security as well as privacy to the house. Fences come in wide array of designs and styles for people to choose from.

Types of Fence Designs

Fencing designs can be divided into two broad categories based on the materials used for building them and based on their functionality.

Fence Designs based on Materials

Wood Panel Fences

It is also known as stockade fencing. It comes with an antique look and requires painting every few years. This type of design offers improved security and privacy. It is mainly used for setting boundaries for kids and pets.

Some of the commonly used wood panel designs are:

  1. Picket Fence
  2. Solid panels
  3. Shadowbox Design
  4. Cedar Fence
  5. Modern Fence
  6. Board-On-Board
  7. Stockade Fence
  8. Split Rail Fencing
  9. Post and Rail Fences
  10. Patio Fence
  11. Lattice Design
  12. Bamboo Fencing

Metal Fences

This type of fences offers high-end fencing solutions and highest protection/security in comparison to other fence designs.

Most commonly used metal fences are:

  1. Wire Fences
  2. Iron Fence
  3. Plastic and Vinyl Fence
  4. Plastic Fences
  5. Composite Cost
  6. Brick Fence
  7. Wrought Iron Fence
  8. Steel Fence
  9. Aluminum Fence
  10. Chain Link Fences
  11. Security Fences

Fence Design by Functionality

Following are the various types of fence designs by functionality:

  • Garden Fence – It is shorter than the regular private fence and is mainly used keep away rodents and smaller animals.
  • Farm Fence – The common types of farm fence include barb and post wire, rail and post fence, split rail, or a combination of wire material and fencing. Efficiency, cost and durability are major considerations before choosing this type of the fence.
  • Electric Fence – It is used to keep humans and animals away from an area. The fencing posts are laid down with electric wires attached to the posts. The electric wires are grounded on one with the earth rod.
  • Animal and Pet Fence – It is used for containment of pets.
  • Horse Fence- Height and strength are major considerations while considering horse fences.

  • Deer Fence- It is made from materials like black polypropylene, PVC, and plastic mesh among others to protect the deer.
  • Dog/Cat Fence – The size and number of dogs/cats are taken into consideration while making dog fences.
  • Other Types of fences – Pool Fence, Short Fence, Low Fence, Temporary Fence, Slit Fence and Snow Fence are few of the other types of fences.

Fences act as a barrier to safeguard your property, family and pets. These are very easy to install and require very low maintenance. You can hire I Am Design Company to get any type of fences in various designs and styles.