Fingerprint Locks for The Workplace

Electrical lock systems are definitely the best for the workplace setting. Fingerprint locks in particular offer the users a lot more advantages that other electric locks and smart security systems usually do not. This makes them undoubtedly the best ways to monitor and regulate access within your office building. Below is a bit more on fingerprint locks for the workplace in terms of pros and cons relative to other access systems.

Benefits over Other Smart Lock Systems

  1. Easy installation and configuration on a large scale

Installation of electric lock systems is generally easy as more often than not the systems make use of mechanical lock structures already in place. With fingerprint lock systems in particular, configuration is very easy as all you have to do is collect the employees fingerprint and biometric data. Once this is done, the system is ready to use.

  1. Easy and convenient to use

Being at the workplace means that people are constantly moving up and down running errands and pretty much doing their jobs. The last thing anyone wants is to be held up at the door for several minutes trying to key in the correct code or to swipe the card for recognition. With fingerprint locks, errors and delays are minimal if at all present and you can rest assured that authorized personnel will gain access in a fast and hassle-free manner.

  1. Allows employee monitoring

Most electric locks allow access monitoring. However, this is more general as the key codes or RFID chips on key cards are not always specific to different employees. Fingerprinting on the other hand allow you as the employer to easily monitor access of by specific personnel for more accurate progress tracking. With customized fingerprint lock systems, this monitoring can also be used as an automatic time log in and log out method for the business.

  1. They allow fast and easy access status changing

When you work with keys, codes and even swipe cards, you might have to change a lot in the event that you fire an employee. The last thing you want is the key code going public or the key being duplicated and used for malicious purposes. In this case, fingerprint locks are the best option as you can easily change access status by simply blacklisting the individual through the main biometric system database.

  1. They eliminate potentially insecure physical access systems

Finally, working with fingerprint locks means that you don’t have to suffer liability while using more insecure options such as keys and cards that can get stolen or security codes that can easily leak to outsiders.


– Initial set-up is expensive.

– Feeding fingerprint data to the database is time-consuming.

Bottom line

It is safe to say that fingerprint locks are the best possible locks to have installed at the work place. With all these specific benefits and many more general ones to enjoy, you can rest assured that you will get full value for your money and then some. The few cons available are disadvantages that you can work with and definitely do not qualify as deal breakers. Bottom line; whether it is a high stakes casino or a legal firm’s head office, there is no doubt that fingerprint locks are the way to go.