Follow the Below Steps to Create Fashion Statement Over Throw Pillow

Replacing pillows can often be an expensive exercise. Upgrading your existing pillows could be a better idea and much less costly! Creating a new pillow can help to freshen up your home and add some elegant touches as well. Best way to improve your designs is with the help of the right Vinyl Cutting machine. This type of machine has large variety of features and styles, which allow you to create extraordinary patterns and designs. Not only these pillows can add to the décor of your home, but also add to the value of your home as well.

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How to cut heat transfer vinyl to design decorative accents for pillows

• Create a design that makes a fashion statement
• Design your project horizontally to the corresponding mirror image
• Change the material settings to the heat transfer vinyl
• Choose a smooth or flocked option on the machine
• Start the heat transfer with the design facing downwards
• Trim off the unwanted vinyl and the tidy up the design
• Turn the vinyl, so the back side faces upwards and align the fabric
• Place a thin towel over the design and apply heat with a hot iron
• Press hard with the iron for up to 40 to 60 seconds
• Let it cool down for 30 seconds and peel off the plastic
• Your new beautiful design is ready and you have a designer style pillow

After you have completed all the steps correctly, you will have brand new pillows to decorate your home. Your home will have a more fashionable feel to it, thus creating sense of up to date style and a touch of freshly created comfort. Should you require help with designs, or if you are in need of help as to how to use the machine correctly, you can always pop over to the website for helpful hints and tips, or to watch an easy to follow step-by-step instruction video. Our preferred Vinyl Cutting machine is very much user-friendly. This means, that you will have a great time working with it and creating beautiful designs in no time. Have a wonderful time playing with your new Vinyl Cutting machine!