How AC Maintenance Can Help You Save in the Summer

If the prospect of summer excites you, the sweaty feeling may not be part of it. Summer bliss no more – if this includes additional payment to your electricity bills. According to a recent report, warmer than average temperature is expected this season. The odds of El Niño developing is up to 50 percent. This statistic is provided by NOAA, along with a 6% increase rate to consumer usage of air conditioners. That’s about additional $29 billion annual cost to homeowners.

How to Save More Money with Regular AC Maintenance

You don’t need to be an air conditioning (AC) technician to know the ins and out of an AC system. However, knowing first-hand how AC works will save you money in the future. With summer being a month away, the accumulation of dust and dirt will affect the efficiency of your AC system. The more effort the filter use to work, the more it consumes energy to create a cooling environment for you.

AC maintenance is not only a financial saver but also health saver for you and your family. Regular inspection can prevent a possible problem in the future. Bad ignition repair cost range from $300 and $400 with additional for an after-hours fee, more so if the emergency falls on weekends or holiday. While AC replacement cost can put a hole in your pocket too. Though, this cost can easily be cancelled if regular inspection is at work. “Prevention is better than cure” is truer when it comes to AC.

A visit to your friendly AC technician includes checking all related equipment to make sure the system is free from external irritants like dirt and dust. A clean filter goes a long way. System control is also applied to make sure everything is within an acceptable standard. This means making sure that anything that needs replacement will have a replacement. Inspection for leaks, gaps, and blockages is also done to deliver cool air without any health hazard. The ideal recommendation for maintenance is at least once a year, preferably every spring before summer start.

Listed below are benefits of a regularly checked ACs:

Remarkable energy efficiency – Your air conditioning unit is responsible for almost half of your electricity bill. Additional $100 per month is expected to increase if you have clogged filters to your A/C. Clogged filters make it hard for your unit to produce the cooling environment in your household. This cost is easily preventable if you have a well-maintained AC.

Reduced risk of AC repairs – Most repair cost is around $165 and $507 with most homeowners reporting that they spend about $325 in total. Nothing like spending your hard earned cash to something that can be easily prevented. A one-time payment of AC maintenance is only around $80 to $100 per year. This maintenance serves as a tune up to your system. You instantly save about $245 yearly. Regular servicing like this can also help home inspector to certify that your unit is working properly if in the future you decided to sell your home.

Prolongs equipment life span – Paying good money for well-maintained AC basically eliminate whatever contingent liabilities you have for that unit. It significantly reduces AC replacement costs, whether it’s a component replacement or the unit itself. Aside from that, it covers you in a time of need. No more late night hassle if your AC decided to break down one summer night. You can sleep peacefully knowing such hassle will never happen to your household.

Comfort for you and your family – A properly maintained air conditioning unit is important not only for staying cool in a blazing afternoon but also for health issues. You can be comfortable knowing you are safe from heat strokes and summer blisters or dust allergies in general.

In Summary

Air conditioning (AC) units require proper maintenance, it’s not just enough that you clean the filter and remove the dusts that is visible from the outside. You can always try to DIY the cleaning of your equipment but on challenging times, you can always contact an AC repair specialist like Watkins Heating & Cooling. It will not only save you time, it can also save you money in case your AC need parts replacement.