How To Install Eavestrough In 6 Easy Steps?

A good drainage system keeps rain water out of your basement and thus protects the foundation of your home from damage caused due to water. You can find different forms of the gutter system from hardware stores for easy installation; such as the eavestrough made from aluminum and vinyl.  With the following six easy do-it-yourself (DIY) steps, you can have the best Eavestrough Installation Wheatley.

Step 1: Planning & Evaluating

As the first step in Eavestrough Installation, inspect the fascia and soffit, and if you mark rotting in the wood, you should replace it before putting up the gutters. Most houses have crown molding or trim board, nailed to the fascia below the shingles. If you want to retain it, then put an additional continuous strip of wood under it. Put a layer of primer on the wood.

Step 2: Determining the Requirements of Eavestrough

Usually, the eavestroughs come in lengths of 10 feet. Therefore, measure the length of the edges of the roof where the eavestrough are to be installed. After ascertaining the length of the roof edge, divide it by 10, to arrive at the total requirement of eavestroughs. In certain cases, the lengths may be required to be cut, for which add 10% to the total number so arrived.

Step 3: Sketching & Measuring

Find out the length of the gutter runs and mark the locations of the downspout. Count the inside and outside corners and measure the height of the downspouts and add four ft to each for the extension. Three elbows are required for each downspout. Elbows may turn either to the front or the side of the downspout. Mounting brackets will be needed at every 2 feet for providing support to the structure.

Step 4: Measuring the Slope

Make marks ½ inch below the edge of the roof and calculate the slope needed. The slope should be 1/16 inch for every one foot of its linear running. Then make the final height on the downspout side and mark a straight line, across the distance.

Step 5: Securing the Brackets and Mounting the Eavestrough

Secure all the materials from the best Eavestrough Company in Wheatley. Fasten the mounting brackets, at about every 2 feet along the sloping line made by the chalk line. In the same manner, install any elbows or downspout brackets. Then, fasten the eavestrough to the brackets. If required, you may cut the trough, for fitting it properly into the elbows or drop outlets. Join the meeting places of two eavestroughs, with silicone caulk, so that water does not leak through the seams.

Step 6: Installing the Downspout

After the rest of the eavestrough system has been installed, you need to join the downspout to the drop outlet bracket by using a silicone caulk. Connect an elbow at the bottom of the downspout, for channeling water away from the foundation.

Follow the above steps to ensure that your installation gets completed successfully and on-time.