How to Prevent Your Gutters from Getting Blocked

One of the most dreaded household maintenance tasks is gutter cleaning, because it often involves getting up a ladder or climbing around on the roof. It is a very tiring job and often you don’t even realise that your gutters are blocked until a storm comes, meaning this work is carried out in bad weather. There are a few tips you can take on board in order to prevent your gutters from getting blocked as fast. By doing some preventative maintenance you can save money in the long term on gutter cleaning and repair services. Although your gutters will probably need to be cleaned at least once a year, to keep them functioning at their best. Sometimes it’s much easier and more efficient to call in the processionals such as Endeavour Property Services who do Gutter Cleaning throughout Auckland. As they are experienced and have all the tools to get the job done fast.

Gutter Guard Systems


Gutter guards are designed to prevent your gutters from getting blocked with leaves and other debris. Hopefully preventing the need for you to clean or unblock your gutters as regularly. There are many types of gutter guard systems on the market, all that follow a similar concept letting water drain through but blocking out leaves and debris. Such as mesh gutter guards, metal sheets with tiny holes for water to drain through, bottle brush style gutter guards these are made of bristles that face upright inside the gutter, causing the debris to rest on top while the water flows away.

Although there is a lot of debate on the effectiveness of these products. I think that overall All of these gutter guard products do an excellent job of stopping full sized leaves from entering your gutters. Although that is a simple task and does not guarantee your gutters will not get blocked. As gutters are also subjected to flower buds, seed pods and needles which are much smaller and can pass through these products and get stuck in your gutters.

But gutter guard products do still play a good role in extending the time between gutter cleans. As they block large debris from entering your gutters. They also prevent birds and rodents from nesting in your gutters. But the problem is many individuals install gutter guards thinking that it will make their gutters maintenance free. But that is not the case, they still need to keep an eye on their gutters to make sure they are not blocked with small bits of organic matter.

Keep Trees Pruned

One easy step you can take to prevent your gutters getting blocked as often is to keep on top of your garden and tree maintenance. As overhanging trees can cause more leaves to fall into your homes gutters, so by keeping on top of trimming trees you can avoid leaves unnecessarily falling into the gutters.

Downpipe Filters

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These downpipe filters are commonly used for when water is being stored in a tank they work by filtering out leaves and debris before it goes down your downpipe. But these is no reason why you need to be collecting tank water to use them. They are also effective at preventing downpipes from being blocked with organic matter. They are easy to install and help reduce gutter maintenance.

Although you cannot completely avoid having to conduct maintenance on your homes gutters. Through taking some precautionary measures you are able to make this maintenance less time consuming. Through taking the time to deal with the sources that are blocking your gutters plus installing some guard systems, you will save a lot of time and money per year on gutter cleaning and repairs.