Latex mattress: the fundamental guide and unbiased reviews

What is Latex mattress? General mattress are made of traditional ways of making a bed using spring or foam. But a Latex mattress is made after collecting and processing the sap which is the milky looking liquid that is discharged from the rubber tree. These are naturally made and hence are best suited for people with allergies and back pain as they give good support to your back.It is natural, eco-friendly, healthy and most durable because it is made from naturally available products. Learn more about latex mattress reviews.

Types of Latex mattress:

All Latex mattresses look the same but the material used makes the difference in its longevity, durability, comfort and pricing. These mattresses are available in 3 different types.

  1. Natural: The natural latex is collected from the rubber tree by making incision into the plant. The milky liquid is collected over the time and processed to make the mattress. It is difficult to get 100% latex in retail showrooms as it is very expensive but you can certainly find one online for a cheaper price. The natural latex mattress is firm and durable.
  2. Synthetic Latex: It is man-made latex.  A monomer called styrene is used to polymerize with surfactants and a material that feels like latex is achieved. It is much easy to make and hence cheaper. The corn with this is that it is not as firm as the natural latex and less durable.
  3. Mixed Latex: Like the name says, it is a mix of natural and man-made latex and hence, they are reasonably prices and give good comfort, quality and durability. You should be careful while buying this type of mattress and so, carefully select a mattress that gives you a clear note about the ratio of materials used.

Types of Latex mattress:

The materials used are the core that describes the design of it. Here are few types of widely used latex mattresses: the essential guide and unbiased reviews.

  1. All latex mattress: This is a mattress made completely from 100% latex which can be completely natural or synthetic or a blend and there are no other types of layers. These mattresses give a good support to your lower back and hence are a good option for those suffering from back pain. They are also good at motion isolation. However, these are not so easily available in the market and are very expensive too.
  2. Latex over foam: This type of mattress has a thin latex layer over thick viscose memory foam and hence it is multi layered. These are also good for back pain and joint pains and are as good as all latex mattresses for motion isolation also. These pricing depends on the thickness of the materials used. However, they are a little cheaper compared to all latex mattress and you can even find it in a retail store.
  3. Foam over latex: This mattress has a thin foam layer over a thick latex base layer.

Conclusion: While choosing a latex mattress, you need to look for the materials used which determine the firmness and durability of the mattress.