Living a well-organized life and my germophobia

I always liked to live a well organized life. I can even say that it became a Standard form e to act in a well organized well in all parts of my life. If you add germaphobia to these, my life becomes a blind alley. Yes, as much as this might cause a risk not frequently but most of the time and even if this is a disease, this will always be real for me. All moments of my life are full of plans, I take a vacation, I make plans, I go to work, I make plans, I go to a picnic, I make plans, so each part of my life is filled with plans.

Actually it is not that I do not enjoy at all from living with plans. For instance, last summer we decided to travel to Dubai with my boyfriend. I told you, I have germaphobia. I cannot stay in a hotel. So we rented an apartment one week before going to Dubai. But of course how can I stand idle? Ofcourse not. I immediately started looking for cleaning companies in Dubai. I encountered a company. The relevant comments and services (ready to book now) seemed to be rather positive. You may ask me what I am going to do with a cleaning company. Let me answer that. I searched for this cleaning company in order for them to clean the apartment we stay before we go there. Anyways, I entered their websites and completed my researches. Then I saw the “make reservation” button and clicked on it immediately. However there was the issue of the house needing to be cleaned before I went there. I also indicated this on my appointment details and they were going to call me.

I love hygiene

As you can understand from the heading, I made a contract with Justmop Company. Justmop just provided services as a cleaning company and they called me a short while after I made the appointment and I explained them the situation. They told me that it will be ready in the way I asked from them before I arrived and that we need not worry. So, I relaxed and started waiting.

And that it was the day to travel to Dubai. We took the airplane early morning and before long we were in Dubai. Yet it was still in my mind how the house was. I was wondering if it was the way I liked it? Could they clean it how I wanted? After a brief period of time, we came to the door of the apartment. It was a very tall building, between 20 to 40 storeys, we were standing in front of the door and I prepared to open the door. And then came the happy ending, the door opened and an immaculate, microbe free room with no bacteria or microbes. Thank you Justmop.