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Time and tide waits for none! According to me, it is one of the best and true proverb. In our childhood we study hard to gain a bright future and as we grow up and gain a job, we comes to know about the value of time in true sense. We need to complete our job on time by working day and night, spend some time with our family, get up on time, catch the train or bus on time, etc. Time is the only thing which we cannot purchase. And most of our time is invested for making money. So, money and time are two sides of a coin which cannot be replaced.

Although I am a working person still owning a house for my family is a dream. We live in a rented house. Till this point of time we had to change our house for more than three to four times. During all this time the major thing which we need to focus, waste time, spend money was for shifting our belongings from one house to another house.

I had to take leave from my office and then help my family to pack all the things in a proper way and then shift them carefully by hiring a four wheeler vehicle to carry all our things conveniently. Later loading them out in our new house and unpacking for placing all the things in a proper way. Although it sounds easy but in real sense it is not. While shifting a house, transferring all our things and commodities is the biggest and irritating task. Due to this, me and my family always has to face a debate or an argument.

Shipler turned to be an helping hand

So, again the time has arrived for shifting from our current house to another one. But this time I didn’t want to face an argument or carry the pressure of shifting my belongings. I used a smarter way for packing and moving all my things rather than getting into it and wasting time and money. Recently I meetup with a new and smarter way of transferring my things easily that too at affordable price.

In my neighbourhood, there lives a group of boys who works in an advertising agency. They too were living in rent. Last month they had to change their house but as they had a load of work pressure they assigned the job of transferring things to a packer and mover service named shipler. It was on saturday and I was at home. The workers of shipler visited their house and packed all their belongings in a very efficient way. They distinguished breakable and unbreakable things in two parts and packed them in an appropriate material. The work was completed by evening and it also ensured that the workers were professional in this field.

So, during this time I was sure that I would call up the shipler for packer and mover service in Chennai. It was very easy to connect them. The only thing you need to do is just contact them with the help of your phone. You can set your budget and also get the work done on time. They came to my home packed all the things in a proper way and then loaded back to my new house safely and efficiently without causing any damage to any of my things. It is a simplest and easy way of transferring your load without even involving any of your family members or friends.

There are many packer and mover service providers but very few work efficiently and charge a reasonable cost and shipler is one of them. After many migrations and debates, I have succeed in achieving my dream i.e, I owned a new house for my family. Even this time I took the help of shipler and didn’t think of any other service provider.

It is the best service provider who supplies one of the best packer and mover service. Now whenever my friends plan to shift house or transfer a bulk of loads, I suggest them shipler and even they are very happy with their service. Instead of wasting money on other services or creating a pressure for yourself try this service provider and get the best out of it by saving your money and time.