Top Five Reasons Why Colorado is One of The Best States to Reside

Known as a city that prides itself on offering a variety of rich recreational activities, scenic mountain views and a charming Western-Victorian downtown, Parker, Colorado, offers small town living with close proximity to metropolitan Denver, making it a great choice for finding your next new home. Let’s examine the top four reasons whyreal estate parker co is an excellent choice for your next new home.

One of the Best Places to Live

Recognized as the 12th best place to live in 2013, over 91 percent of Parker, Colorado, residents are homeowners in this small city of just over 50,000 people. Located just 20 miles southeast of Denver, the city of Parker is rooted in history and heritage and is one of the fastest growing cities in Colorado. Its relatively low unemployment rate and average mean age of 34 years old makes Parker is a great location of small businesses, investors and developmental opportunities. Major retailers and employers like Rocky Vista and Parker Adventist Hospital are just a few of the large corporations that call Parker, Colorado home.


Parker is one of the highest performing districts in the state of Colorado, hosts the third largest school districts and offers parents a variety of educational options for their children that includes magnet, charter and private schools. Additionally, the city hosts several community colleges such as the Arapahoe Community College. The University of Colorado Denver and the University of Denver are located just inside of the greater Denver area.

Rich Cultural Scene

Three primary cultural venues can be found in Parker like The Schoolhouse, which hosts community-based performances, the PACE Center (Parker Arts, Cultural and Events), which offers a variety of educational, exhibits and local performances in a state-of-the-art facility and the Ruth Memorial Chapel which is a more intimate venue that makes it an excellent choice for events like weddings and small meetings.

Healthy Real Estate Market

The great news is that the housing market in Denver and its surrounding areas is stable and free from a housing bubble. Additionally, in the last 10 years, homes have appreciated approximately 20.04 percent. Because competition for high quality homes is currently high and inventory is low, it’s imperative to seek the help of a highly qualified real estate broker who can assist you in this highly competitive market. By locating active listings on your behalf, you will be freed up to focus on the type of home you really want and escape the stresses that come from searching for a new home. The popular appeal of cities like Parker are peaking the interest of a younger demographic. Interest rates are remaining relatively low, and recent increases in inventory have created new listings, which will give you a better chance to find the home of your dreams. Now has never been a better time to look for real estate parker co.