Vermin Control and Nest Removal

Your home or business premises makes a wonderful home for pests.

No, not Aunty Flo who visits and outstays her welcome but the furry and flying variety of guests who love a cosy space, a ready food supply and a little company.

Your home or commercial premises is a perfect pied-a-terre, over wintering or hibernation spot for rats, mice, wasps, bees, hornets, flies, fleas and any other animal or insect who might feel inclined to wander in.

Pest control Hampshire and Berkshire experts like Pest Control Berkshire know that the thought of sharing your home or work space with uninvited lodgers isn’t a welcome one.

It can easily make your skin crawl or force you to stay out of areas, keep feet off the floor or with larger infestations, take refuge with friends or relatives until pest control professionals can persuade pests to move out.

Vermin control is a specialist skill. To get rid of rats and mice it’s not generally enough to treat them with an over the counter treatment.

You may not realise it but these critters are very intelligent (not just scary!) and they don’t fall for tricks easily.

Moreover, Super rats are rats that have evolved so they can digest over the counter poisons without keeling over.

They love to munch away and get back to their work, so these are often counterproductive. Rather than poison they have more food! You’re inadvertently spoiling them. Whoops.

Fleas can be detected visually as they jump on floors and furnishings or on your beloved pets.

They bite so irritation will be caused and if your cat, dog or family start scratching like there’s no tomorrow, you probably are hosting Mr. and Mrs. Flea, their family and friends, lucky you.

Again, don’t do battle yourself, call in the experts to eradicate them.

Prevention techniques include hoovering and cleaning regularly but if your pets happen to deliver them then it’s time to call in pest control Hampshire and Berkshire professionals.

Unlike vermin control which entails specialist treatments that are not available on the market, the way to get rid of wasps, bees and hornets is not to kill them.

When pest controllers get rid of rats and mice so they can’t breed this is the correct procedure and whilst the worries may seem similar with flying, stinging pests the treatment is entirely different.

Why? These flying pests carry out vital ecological tasks which without their cross pollination and pest control skills would cost the UK £1.2 billion per year.

No matter how tempting it may be to set fire to a wasps’ nest or pour boiling liquids over bees – and yes, these are dangerous DIY methods pest control experts hear about – Please don’t kill them.

Pest control Hampshire and Berkshire professionals relocate nests so we all win and nobody and nothing dies.

If you find that you need to get rid of rats, mice, flying, jumping or wriggling creatures, call the experts. That’s what they’re there for.